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From Dynamic IP to IP for Lineage Server


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  • From Dynamic IP to IP for Lineage Server

    I tried everything but i cant get a ip which is usable with my Lineage Server. I use a Router with changes its ip, and when i made a no-ip the server does get an error. So can you please make me a Tutorial for noobs? Thank you very much!

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    Well, for starters a lot depends upon your hardware and ISP. But to give you a short version general idea of what you are looking at:

    1. You need to setup a static IP on your server, such as

    2. On your router you need to forward the server ports to that IP. Be careful not to open access to anything else or you could make yourself far more vulnerable to attacks over the net.

    3. If your ISP provides you with a dynamic IP, then obtain software or if your router supports it, a domain name for dynamic ips. This way if your ISP does change your IP address, the domain name will automatically be forwarded to the new IP address as it changes. As I recall, there are a number of such services out there that do this, many of which are free. I think one of them was or something like that. I do not have any need for such services, so I couldn't tell you off the top of my head. Maybe somebody else here can give you some pointers for that topic.

    Hope that helps.


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        1 - enter in page
        2 - Register your symbolic Domain Name (max 5 characters)
        3 - Download No-Ip client
        4 - Turn-off your Firewall (or map his ports)
        5 - Run no-Ip Client
        6 - Complete whith your account settings
        7 - Verify that in the no-IP client window have three "v" in green.
        8 - Enjoy!

        Dont forget run no-ip client every time before run your server. (if use l2j remember set at your ipconfig.xml file and in your


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