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[WOW] Orc Shamen Leveling Guide


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  • [WOW] Orc Shamen Leveling Guide

    Here it is, quite possibly the hardest class to get to lvl 10 from scratch.
    I don't really want to do this as a step by step thing... kind makes playing an RPG pointless, but instead I'll just list some tips that will make leveling a shaman much easier.

    I'll try to keep this updated as I have a few bits of info I've left out.

    Starting Off
    First you start off with some mage clothes and a wand. I don't know why NC gave orc mages a wand... this weapon type is absolutely horrible for your first 8 levels. You have no spells aside from an instant patk buff called SoulCry. This buff will add 4 patk, and constantly drains your mp when you use it. Toggle it on before you start fighting and toggle it off when you finish unless your next target is right beside you, to save mp.

    You shouldn't need to rest until lvl 5 from the free heals and recharges you get when you level. If you find you are low on hp, don't waste time resting! Instead you can go finish the map or the item errand quests, or walk into town to buy something.

    Use the wand for now, try to scavenge some noob fighter's sword or gloves from town... a lot of fighters buying their first weapon will throw them on the ground.

    To make your life easier, do the map quest in the beginning, you will thank Paagrio you get 50 free sp with that quest. Also, do the errand quest from Centurion Nakusin. He's posted at the entrance to the training hall on the keltir field side. Doing the quest will get you 450 adena, half way to your first weapon upgrade.

    What should be your first weapon? You've got plenty of options since you can pretty much use any weapon.
    Daggers are good with SoulCry, fast attack and more crits means you get more damage from the mp you use on SoulCry.
    Blunts are alright since you have poor accuracy as a mage.
    Swords are a balance between daggers and blunts.
    Fists were really great for Orc Mages, before they got nerfed. Now it is better to use a weapon and a shield.

    With those options you should get a shield as well and hunt keltirs until you get enough sp for your first spell. It takes 420 keltirs to do it.
    Crimson Keltirs will be a good match for you, Elder Keltirs are a little too tough. I recommend killing a lot of Nephytirs and Young Crimsons, with the occasional Crimson. Try to level up to 7 so you can kill faster, then just go all out on the Keltirs and Young Crimsons until you have the sp. All keltirs give you 1 sp so you might be tempted to try the weakest thing that gives you 2 sp, kasha wolves, but I don't recommend it. You'll only be able to kill 3-4 before you need to rest.

    If you don't mind spending money on arrows, I really recommend you buy a bow with your first bit of cash. Kiting with a bow will let you kill Elder Keltirs at a great rate, so you can get up to lvl 7 fast for maximum sp farming. Using a bow will also let you kill kasha wolves at a decent rate and will really help with getting the sp you need. However this method requires a lot of micro, as you will be turning on SoulCry, shooting once, turning SoulCry off and running until the timer goes down, turning on SC again, etc, until the monster is weak enough for you to switch to your sidearm and shield to finish off.

    As for armour, at lvl 7 you get to choose Robe or Light Mastery, at lvl 14 you'll be able to get Heavy Mastery if you choose.
    I'd recommend getting a single level of Light Mastery and using light armour early on, no matter what Mastery you choose to specialize in later on. You'll be meleeing a lot at lower levels so the protection will be really helpful. Level 14 is too long to hold out for, and you need to get to the mainland to buy Heavy armour anyways, unless someone has them in a player store.
    With Robes you'll have a base of 265 casting speed, 249 with light , and 222 with Heavy. Long term, Light isn't really worth using, since you miss out on the MP bonus of robes and the defense of Heavy. The mp regen between Light and Heavy isn't big, and casting speed doesn't integral as you will probably be casting once per fight and meleeing the rest of the way.

    Now, what to do with your first 520 sp points? There are 3 attack spells you can get at lvl 7.
    Life Drain, Icy Flame and Venom. First off, don't get Venom. It's pretty crappy... it does less damage than Icy Flame, takes twice as long to do that damage, and has twice the recharge time as Flame. It's only bonus is that it costs 5 mp less.

    Icy Flame is quite a nice spell. It will wear down the hp of your target, doing about 100 damage over 15-20 seconds. You'll still need to provide the finishing hit. However Icy Flame doesn't work all the time, it has about a 65% success rate which means you'll be wasting a lot of mp when it doesn't work, not to mention the fact you'll need to kill the monster using physical means, unless you plan to run until you cast it again. Increasing your level or your matk will increase the rate that Flame succeeds. Usually I skip Icy Flame and just use Drain to get myself to Shaman, at which point I'll get Frost Flame, which has a much better chance of working than Icy.

    Life Drain is the other option. This is the spell I usually use with a new orc mage. It damages your target for about 60 damage, healing you with 80% of the damage done. This is a great spell for mindless leveling. Just fight without using SoulCry until you're at half hp, then Drain something and continue. Problem is during your time as a Shaman, you get 1 upgrade of this spell at lvl 20 and that's it. You'll have to wait for lvl 40 to get Steal Essence. So this spell is great at low 20's, but gets worse as you go higher. You'll rely more and more on Frost Flame.

    SoulCry isn't that great for leveling once you get spells. It takes a lot of mp and the orc mage isn't really a good fighter. It's quite useful for emergencies, and I imagine, in PvP.

    Fear is one of my fave spells. It forces your target to run away from you, and works every time. It has a long cooldown period though. Lvl 1 stops working on monsters of a certain level, probably around lvl 40, but you get lvl 2 at lvl 30 so that shouldn't be a problem. This spell has saved my life many times, and everyone underestimates it until it stops a mob from chasing them.

    Madness is like fear but you probably won't use it much unless you group a lot. It's good for reaggroing mobs away from healers, it forces them to attack someone else nearby. You won't get xp for the damage they do, and if they kill something you won't be able to pick the drop up for 5 seconds.

    Spirit Dream is sleep. Lvl 1 doesn't have a good chance of working, but lvl 2 is decent. You can use DoTs on sleeping enemies without waking them.

    Shaman buffs rock, very hard If there are clerics in your group, they will love you for taking the mp and time drain off of them by buffing everyone at once. At lvl 30 you'll have the same levels of group buffs that clerics and oracles have as single buffs. Also at lvl 35, Shamans get lvl 3 shield which no other class gets until after lvl 40.

    Before Prelude, AoE spells sucked because they had a really low chance of working. With Prelude you can buff that up with spiritshots. Seal of Chaos, the accuracy curse, doesn't seem to have a very large effect. I cast it on a dark blue mob and it still hit me 20 times in a row Although, it was using a blunt, and I had a shield.

    Cast speeds (base)-(lvl 1 fast cast)-(lvl 1 fast cast, lvl 1 flame chant):
    Robes 259-272-313
    Light 246-259-297
    Heavy 222-233-268
    None 127--157

    1. 4 patk
    2. 14 patk
    3. 34 patk

    Chant of Life:
    1. 200 hp/67 mp - 2.985 hp/mp
    2. 240 hp/77 mp - 3.117 hp/mp
    3. 287 hp/95 mp - 3.021 hp/mp

    Aura Sink:
    1. 108 mp damage over 20 seconds

    The two main playstyles for Shamans is basically the two specializations you get at level 40.
    That is the Warcryer buffer-warrior style and the Overlord-caster style.

    I see Warcryer as a stronger Shaman basically. They have even more great group buffs, and upgrades of all the old single target Shaman spells: Life Drain->Steal Essence, Icy Flame->Frost Flame->Freezing Flame, upgrades of Sleep, Fear, Madness and Aura Sink. This style uses Heavy armour and fighter weapons. Before level 20 any weapon works nicely, afterwards blunts are great because you get Stun Attack and for better accuracy.
    This is the way I've played mostly. I find myself casting Frost Flame a lot, using Stun occasionally if it fails, and using Drain to heal myself when I get low. If my hp is too low to risk a fight I'll use Chant of Life.
    From what I've seen though, many Warcryers choose to use dual swords or fists. Personally I think dual swords is the best to use due to the new buffs you get as a Warcryer - evasion, critical power and haste all will work great with that weapon type.

    The Caster style is something I haven't tried much. I will try to play one, but I don't think they will be that effective until spiritshots are available. I think this style will be much more useful in a group, since the DoTs will make it incredibly easy for the fighters to kill mobs, and you'll have lots of mp from the robes for constant buffs and Chant of Life rejuvenation.

    Level 3 Warcryer buffs:
    Personal Patk (SoulCry, lvl 7)
    Single Pdef (Soul Shield)
    Group Pdef (Shield Chant)
    Group Patk (Battle Chant)
    Group Mdef (Fire Chant)
    Group Cast Speed (Flame Chant)
    Group Rejuvenation (Chant of Life, lvl 9)
    Group Evasion (Evasion Chant)
    Group Critical Power (Rage Chant)
    Group Attack Speed (Fury Chant)

    Level 3 Overlord buffs:
    Personal Patk (SoulCry, lvl 7)
    Single Pdef (Soul Shield)
    Clan Pdef (Blessing of Paagrio)
    Clan Patk (Power of Paagrio)
    Clan Mdef (Glory of Paagrio)
    Clan Cast Speed (Wisdom of Paagrio)
    Group Rejuvenation (Chant of Life, lvl 4)
    Clan Blocking (Shield of Paagrio)
    Clan Accuracy (Sight of Paagrio)
    Clan Rejuvenation (Heart of Paagrio, lvl 4) Chronicle 1 only

    Overlord Curses (all AoE):
    Level 5 Seal of Winter - decrease attack speed
    Level 4 Seal of Binding - immobilize
    Level 4 Seal of Poison - poison
    Level 3 Seal of Chaos - decrease accuracy
    Level 3 Seal of Slow - decrease running speed
    Level 2 Seal of Scourge - prevent healing
    Level 2 Seal of Gloom - decrease mp
    Level 2 Seal of Suspension - increase skill/spell delay
    Level 2 Seal of Flame - DoT
    Level 2 Seal of Mirage - confusion

    Hunting Areas
    1-8 - nephytirs
    9-12 - goblins, imps, timber wolves
    12-18 - maraku werewolves
    19-20 - kasha spiders, kasha bears, grizzlies
    low 20's - dungeon monsters, redeye bats, elf commons, grim ruins
    mid 20's - mandragoras, dion area, dungeons
    high 20's - wastelands basilisks, cruma tower swamp, giran area - mahum captains, beamers

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    Great, but long Guide. Thanks


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