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Anyone wanting to help me host/start an WoW private server?


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  • Anyone wanting to help me host/start an WoW private server?

    Hey all,

    is anyone interested in hosting an WoW private server?I've always wanted one but don't have the $$$ for an server.

    If you have a dedicated server that you can host it on, i can help.

    I've co-owned several private servers before,
    My job involved creating and maintaining and creating the website and the forum for the server and keeping the database up to date as well as maintaining the bug trackers. I was also in charge of the GM's and administrating the server when the other owners were away. You could call me the errand boy of the server. I am not going to take all the credit and say i did all of that by myself but i was part of the team in charge of that.

    If a server is allready in place I am specifically looking for an server that is new or small because that's where communities are formed, i want to assist in making the server a popular and recognizable one.

    I want to help create/redesign an forum, website, etc...update the server with the Tools and experienced i have gathered under my previous servers. Create and organize a good ticketing/bug tracker system if one is not in place yet, etc..

    I have very good Photoshopping and website design skills, and can create an website, as well as an modded forum if desired.

    My contact details: MSN: [email protected]

    Contact me there if you want to talk further,


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