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Change background in Warcraft III


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  • Change background in Warcraft III

    This is done in 3 steps:
    1: Extract the wanted background
    2: Delete the normal background
    3: Add the new background

    Warning: We are going to modify War3x.mpq, you have risks to damage your WarCraft file, so listen up.

    PC Requirements : WinMPQ - Warcraft3Viewer
    Mac requirements : MPQ2K (It's the WinMPQ for Mac) - For Warcraft3Viewer, I haven't found a Mac version, but you can ask me for the background you want and I'll try to get it.)

    It's in the MPQ that all models and textures files of WarCraft are, in 'war3.mpq' for RoC and in "war3x.mpq" for TFT. I suggest you copy the file you will use an paste it somewhere in case if you fail everything and that your MPQ file is damaged.

    1: Extract the wanted background

    Use Warcraft3Viewer to extract your model, use the log to find your files:
    Go to "File ==> Open MPQ ==> War3.mpq (orWar3x.mpq)". If you want a TFT background use "war3x.mpq". Here you will find your background files in "UI ==> Glues ==> SinglePlayer ==> (your background)".
    Then right ckucj ==> extract MDX, you can save it on your desktop or another place, I use my desktop.

    2: Delete the old background

    Run "WinMPQ", it will allow you to modify the background.
    Click on the button "Open", then go to your Warcraft 3 file an open "War3x.mpq", a list of files will appear, they are you models and texture files of WarCraft. Watch out not to delete any random file.
    Look for the file "UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_e xp.m dx", right **** of it, and click "Delete" (the file won't we deleted if it's already used by another program, so remember to close Warcraft3Viewer).
    For the moment, your background in WarCraft will turn black.

    3: Adding the new background

    You are always on "WinMPQ", click on the button "Add", then search open the MDX file you saved in Step 1.
    Call him "UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu3d_e xp.m dx". Remember to look if there isn't anything at the end of the file name after applying the name, you can always rename it!
    Then, quit "WinMPQ" (or you can leave it open), and start Warcraft, you will have your background!

    NOTE: If you background is black, then you missed Step 3, if your background if always the Frozen Throne of the Lich King, then you missed step 2!

    Credits to

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