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PrimalWoW - Most Progressive Server - Journey through Vanilla/TBC/WotLK


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  • PrimalWoW - Most Progressive Server - Journey through Vanilla/TBC/WotLK

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    We are truly excited with our idea of progressing through different expansions to fully experience the golden days from retail again. With experience hosting servers since 2010 and a highly developed core from an affiliated server, we have all the means to pull this off.

    Through the entire process we will be using the 3.3.5a client and work with server-side patches to release new content. This will give us some extra features like Achievements and Arena's which were not available in Vanilla. During the first phase Molten Core will be the only available raid with a level cap of 60 and old school dungeons like Blackrock Spire. We will first gather the required population before moving on to Blackwing Lair and Zul'Gurub. Stay long enough and you will experience how it was like when the Dark Portal opened as we head into TBC content. It will be the year 2021 before we get to kill the Lich King, it also took 6 years for retail.

    Population will increase so we hope you have some patience with that, you can help speed up the process by voting here. Feel free to post any questions at the forums or make a ticket in game.

    Some info on how it will be during the first phase:
    - Simulating patch 1.5.0 server side on 3.3.5a client.
    - Level cap of 60.
    - Disabled the lower part of the talent trees that was added after Vanilla.
    - Molten Core.
    - Dragons of Nightmare disabled but Azuregos available.
    - Abyssal High Council disabled
    - Like in Vanilla, first mount at level 40. Fast mount at level 60.
    - Inscription/Jewelcrafting disabled.
    - Dungeon Finder disabled.
    - Guards and other NPCs have been lowered to the level/HP they had in Vanilla.
    - It will not be possible to get any items from quests/vendors that were added in later patches.
    - Arena will already be available in Vanilla so PvP players also have something to do.
    - PvP rewards also progressive with better available gear each season.
    - PvP gear based on honor and arena points/rating but not as good as the raid drops.
    - Naxx and Onyxia won't be played during the Vanilla phase, we will get to those when we hit WotLK in a few years.
    - Roughly every 6 months a new patch with new available raids/gear.

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