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Reqesting a private server that is hard to find


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  • Reqesting a private server that is hard to find

    Im looking for no ordinary server, Im looking for a good world of warcraft private server that is actually up to date or at 2.4.2 -2.4.3 and a VERY VERY dedicated dev team that is on top of there game. Now, rates are the most important thing. 1x, 100% blizzlike, with no added npc's or extra quests. i also dont want donation items OF ANY KIND. no donor, gear, gold anything. That means you get nothing for donating to the site. i like earning my items and for everyone to have an equal chance.

    Short version:

    Version of server = anything, but no hamachi and at version 2.4.2 -2.4.3

    rates: 1x drops, 1x experience , and 1x gold (1x all) (blizzlike)

    No overpowered characters (no donor at all)

    No Donation system (there could be donation button, but no system)

    Admins/Gms Non corrupted

    Language: ENGLISH ONLY

    ~Thanks for your time and responses

    I know its kind of hard, but if any sugggestions i appreciate it.

    This is very hard as i have looked for a long long time for this type of server with no luck. ( Most blizzlike servers i find , have no donations at first but then add it later on wasting my time...) So please dont give a kind of server like that

    Agion thank you for your time

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