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  • Old times on TBC Today started

    Our official website is:

    Who are we and what is our plans?

    First of all I want to say "Hi" to all readers.My name is Alin and I am here with a new project of others "1000" in World Of Warcraft Private Servers that I hope will have enough succes.Our plan is to open 3 servers(2.4.3/3.3.5a/4.3.4), yes I know everyone will ask how will you populate them.Our team is formed by One Web Developer/2 C++ Scripters/2 SQL Devs/Investitor and we are prepared to work hard on this project and we will use every kind type of advertise.For our first server we chose the name Addiction WoW.

    Release Date: 15.02.2014 / Hour: 17:00-19:00 pm GMT+3

    If you want to sustain our project spread it at friends and everywhere you know and let us know what do you think about our project commenting.

    How the realm will be?

    As the title say this server expansion will be The Burning Crusade.This server will have be a Midrate one with the max rate 10x, but from our experience we know that there are players that like 1x so you will can choose your own rate like 1x-10x.

    Details about Realm and Rates

    Realm name: Addiction WoW
    Monsters & Quest Xp Rate: 10x (max)
    Normal/Uncommon/Rare Drops: 15x
    Professions Rate: 3x
    Honor Gain: x2
    Money Drops: 10x
    Reputation Gain: 0
    Exploring Xp: x1
    Epic Drops: x5

    We know that everyone is bored of just leveling , making gear etc. so we will add some custom things that will add some custom things that will make the game more funny like: Transmog, Reward at level 10/20.../70, Reward for time played and more things.

    Working Content

    Addiction WoW want to offer the most scripted content and for this we will have a Bugtracker on website so our players can report every bug.

    PVE System:


    Karazhan - 90% working
    Gruul's Lair - 100% working
    The Black Temple - 100% working
    Sunwell Plateau - 100% working
    Battle for Mount Hyjal - 90% working
    The Eye (Tempest Keep) - 80% working
    Serpentshrine Cavern - 100% working
    Magtheridon's Lair - 90% working
    Zul'Aman - 95% working

    PVP System


    Warsong Gulch - 100% working
    Arathi Basin - 100% working
    Alterac Valley - 100% working
    Eye of the Storm - 100% working


    Nagrand Arena - 100% working
    Blade's Edge Arena - 100% working
    Ruins of Lordaeron - 100% working

    Custom things that will make more fun on server

    We decided that, there are some things that make server more funny so we added and we will add:

    Rewards at 10/20../70 according to your class. - Not Yet Added.
    Transmog - Not Yet Added (Change your display to your items )
    Custom Rates 1x-10x - Not Yet Added (This will be added for players that don't want to level at max rate)
    Train After Level - Not Yet Added (This learn your all skills after you make level and don't waste time to go to the trainer)
    And more things will be added so be there.

    Website details

    Addiction WoW uses as main source for website FusionCMS.We took a PSD from Zafire Repack (Thanks to Zafire), we coded it and we use it, but everywhere you can see this FusionCMS so we will try to change the website as more as we can to look more unique.Further more we will have a weekly lottery on website so you can win Companions/Mounts/Vote Points.

    What Addiction WoW expect from players?

    For better results Addiction WoW please players to vote us on website to have more players.Further more for every vote you get Vote Points and you can spend them on Item Store.So if you want to vote us rembember that you will find us using this banner:


    For start we will give away 100 vote points for first 100 registered accounts on unique IP's and 30 more Vote Points to who will like us on Facebook(The page is new but we will update it soon)

    Hosting Details

    Addiction WoW is hosted on a Dedicated Server with belows specifications:

    AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6366 HE (4 processors)
    Frequency: 1.8 GHz
    Turbo Boost: 2.2 GHz
    Ram: 8GB DDR3
    HDD: 120GB

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    Pretty much offtopic, but BC was when I quit...flying mounts, arenas, Aliance Shamans...was too much bad news for me =)
    My name is Goblin. James Goblin.


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      Please write last news about your project.
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        when tops reset?


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