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  • AGONY 2.4.1 PR Server - New

    I am hosting a private WoW server I call AGONY. It was created maybe 8 months ago, and was an on/off project for me until a few friends of mine asked me to have it an on-demand server.

    As of 2 months ago, it's now on-demand, currently 2.4.1 and runs non-stop only on weekends. During the week it sits off while I mess with other tweaks or custom patches that others have developed. I use a mangos core, unified database , boss scripting from sd2 and now acid for eventai. also i have Implemented an auctionhouse bot and a server jail.

    This remains an on-demand server until it requires 24/7. Very few custom content, but new players are on a modified gm status of 1 (which gives more privileges but nothing detrimental to the server).

    pvp-ffa server
    quest/kill/drop/explore rates x4
    rest x4
    health/mana/rage regen x4
    honor/rep rates x8
    (these can easily be modified too)

    I also disabled raid/group/level requirements for all instances, and i made battlegrounds require only 1 player per side. I added several custom venders throughout the server, but later took them out b/c there's really no need for them. I also sped up server events like the darkmoon faire, fishing extravaganzas, etc. I have implemented a server guidelines book that accompanies all new characters, which explains everything. (again, all of these can be easily changed too)

    I'm thinking about going full-time for this since it's really been a growing interest to me here in the last couple of months. Server runs on AthlonXP 3200+, 1gig of ram, on a 5mbit/512kbit connection, located in Arkansas. Player cap is currently set at 100. All the server settings and custom content are what they are, but I'm always willing to see how it can be improved.

    Anyhow, if there is interest, feel free to PM me. I can give out connection info, but this is a private server so it's invite only (if that makes any sense!)

    Basically I'm looking for others to see if they want to take part in it, and even help me admin this server. I won't be playing on it hardly at all, too, so much of the responsibilities would eventually be delegated to others for me.

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