Hello there and Welcome to WoWblast's High-rate Server, its a realy new server, and serious.

No Hamachi!
Weekly Updates
Forum & Account Webpage with Server Status (Players online)
Friendly & Experienced GM's Ingame
Msn Live Assistance!
Custom Items
And all gold server

And alot more is Progressing now !

Server Information:

Intel x86!
15 Steppes!
Dual Quad Core 2,1 Ghz!
1000 Player Cap!
T1 Internet Connection!

The Forums is wowblast.hooxs.com and the home page (account page and status page & News) is wowblast.wynand.be
Realmlist is wowblast.wynand.be
hope to see you guys online!

We hope we can run this server forever, with your support.
Database: Ascent

GM's Ingame: Shirax, Buggy, And me... Jort / Nyx / Vex (And all names with udel)
The server owner is Empira, who have been GM on Omg-wow (a realy large private server) and she got alot of experience from before, so do i and Shirax and buggy, so hope to see you online