Hey my friend. Gaming Isle is currently in need of a good and friendly private server host, at the moment we are really high rank on Xtremetop100,

Today the 28 march we are at the place of: 225.

We had a server host for 1 week but he kinda sucked, he wasent online 24/7 witch we need to be, this is required to be host. Back to the rank, at the very first night we got from the lowest rank to 300, witch is quite impressive. At the forums we have a REALLY good communication, we are all friendly and we have the really best Forum admins: King Shaun and Art. I'll just give you some links :

http://forums.gamingisle.com (forums)
http://gamingisle.com (main homepage)

As a server host you will get really popular and ofc become Admin on forum's and on server, we have currently many GM's and we have created most of server, me my self is GM supporting making events. As a server host you will need to be:

1# Online 24/7 with server
2# Be a good and friendly guy
3# know a little about SQL database and common map editting, the drill
4# be a little active on server

Maybe some more will be requested who knows, if you think you can make this contact me on:

[email protected] the things that looks like spaces is underscore: "_" so its: jacob_jensen_569 then the rest

Server info:

its 80 percent (%) custom made. It's an highrate, also we got many cool idea's for making the gameplay much funnier, please contact me to have a real life expirence and meet some great and kind people.

I know i havent contributed much to the forum actually this is my first thread, but sure if i find the forum friendly and good i will sure stay here and help making it better

Best Regards,