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Looking for a med rate WoW server


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  • Looking for a med rate WoW server

    like I said in the title I am looking for a medium rate server where I could learn all about WoW cuz at the moment I am kinda newby in it so plz help me out guys

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    I suggest you try ABCWOW (Burning Crusade, patch version 2.3.2):

    - Uses the Ascent emu (currently on rev 3200+);
    - GM know very well what they are doing (one of them is part of the Ascent dev. team);
    - Very good latency;
    - The server is Blizzlike, though rates are a little bit higher -> 2x;
    - Server bandwidth 100mb/s;
    - Arenas work, battlegrounds work, the server's stable etc.
    - I can guarantee a nice gameplay (there are NO wipes, NO rollbacks etc.);
    - Realmlist:
    - Webpage:


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      or join WoWBlast's Private Server, we got 40x Exp Rate, and its realy new, it can hold over 1k players and its NOT Hamachi, and its realy lag free!

      Join at
      Hope to see you there!


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        join us at 25x xp is medium


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          need to tell me username an pw u like in forum also to make your account till i get my signup page working

          60x server Burning Crusade, patch version 2.4.2

          all new

          players can go to GM Island
          all new areas
          all new skills
          max lvl is 255
          Server bandwidth 100mb/s;
          Arenas work,
          battlegrounds work,
          the server's stable 100%
          there are NO wipes


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            server page:
            our own irc:
            + we have our own ts servers and torrents where u can download the client

            About server:
            - we have working arena
            - we have working battlegrounds (all)
            - exp rate 9x per kill, 12x for quest
            - drop rate x3
            - custom sets,quests,maps, items
            - custom event map where we play orginal events
            - 1 Gbit network so server is lag free
            - Core QUAD XEON CPU and 8 gb ram
            - we have 2 realms: VALHALLA PVP REALM,FUN SERVER - MJOLNIR
            - we have our own staff who fix bugs and we are always first with new things.
            - server is stable 24/7 never offline
            - donations are not needed to keep server running
            - friendly gms and alot of players online;


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