We need a better host, since I'm on Wireless, and it likes to go out Of course the host will get admin. And so we can have more people online >.> I realize probably nobody would do it for free though X.x
If you would like to help host then conact me via Private message or MSN(given below)

realmlist: Ninjawow.servegame.com
website ninjawow.servegame.com ((eww default template))

forum No forums currently

account page ninjawow.servegame.com/stats/register.php

No Hamachi

How to Connect:
Register at Account Creation Page
Wait almost 10 minutes.
Change realmlist to ninjawow.servegame.com

NEED BETTER HOST! If able contact me via MSN or priv message MSN [email protected]

Will be recruiting a GM within the next few days when I get my forums setup., will need them to either be a scripter or Dev.