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KaiserRO 2k/2k/100% -The Possibilities Await-


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  • KaiserRO 2k/2k/100% -The Possibilities Await-

    Be Apart of Our Community!

    KaiserRO is a brand new server that has just opened up. After it's slight closure due to some technical issues it has been revived and promises to live up to it's former glories! Our server includes many customs that have been added such as wings, headgears,accessories, and cards. The server is trying it's best to be balanced by not overwhelming the server with customs and maintaining a fair PVP environment. Another feature we have added are third classes we are 80% updated with the classes we currently capped the levels at 255/120 for normal classes and 200/150 for third classes to provide stability in WOE and PVP.

    Main Town: Aldebaran
    NPC's: Job Changer, DB Room, Shopping Mall, Tools and Ammo etc Dealers, Broadcaster, PVP Ladder all at your very finger tips at the main town!
    WOE Times: Friday 5-6AM
    Saturday 9-11AM
    Sunday 7-9PM
    Wednesday 8-9PM ALL GMT -7 time
    Only one castle in Prontera as of now until the server grows.

    The max levels as of now are 255/100 and the max stats are 200 and max aspd is 195

    The server is growing slowly and is looking for many players! If you have any skills you can bring to our community please drop by our server we are looking for many wise players who have the potential to become scripter’s, web builders, or can fill many in-game GM spots.

    Our server is located in Canada and is running on a computer dedicated just to the server and will remain up 24/7 on exceptions of maintenance and crashes.

    You can find us at www[dot]kairo[dot]pureforum[dot]net our forums, or register and meet us in-game at our control panel!

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