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Endless Ragnarok Online [3k/3k/1k]


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  • Endless Ragnarok Online [3k/3k/1k]

    -Server Specifications-

    Brand New and Fresh Server
    The server will run on very-high-end Intel Processors with more then enough RAM, on award winning linux operating systems, +100mBit burst line.
    When ever it is needed we can also upgrade to suit our servers growth.

    -Server Information-

    Hosted in System In Place
    3Ceam Revision 14431 Trunk SQL
    24/7 Online
    No Lag

    -Server Rates-

    Mvp Drop Rates: GO HERE
    Common Drop Rates: 100%
    Max Level: 255/70
    Max Stats: 200
    Max Aspd: 190
    Home Town: Splendide

    -Server Features-

    Dota Allstar Sound Effects
    War Of Emperium
    Marriage System
    Immediate chat system
    Rebirth System
    Races System
    Support System
    Hourly Points
    Marketing Npc

    -Official Mail System-

    After much testing and a few small tweaks the Official Mail System is now fully functional.
    You can send equips, items, zeny or just a friendly message to all your friends even if they are not online!.

    -PvP Honor System-

    A Unique PvP Honor System with ladder.
    A special PvP room will grant players honor based on how hard the PvP kill was (Level difference)
    If the other player is to low you will gain nothing, if you kill players stronger then you your honor will gain more then normal.
    If you don't want to fight in the honor room you can also choose from a unrestricted or level restricted room to fight players closer to your level.

    -MVP & Emperium Breaker Ladders-

    Every time you kill a MVP it will be added up and you can view your total MVP kills via a information npc in-game.
    Also when the Emperium is broken in WoE the name of the player and what guild they are from will be announced.
    And the player will get a emperium break count, which will also have a ladder viewable in our maintown.

    -War Of Emperium-

    The WoE has just Begun!
    So now is a great time to bring your friends and guilds to build up here and claim a castle of your own.
    With a few castles already open and more opening as we grow bigger.

    -Custom NPC-

    Many custom NPCs will be introduced into the Endless-RO server.
    Custom quests to obtain various custom equips will be easily found via the Quest Npc's ingame.
    There's to many to list and many more in development.
    If you post in the Suggestions in forum topic you may even see your ideas turned into NPCs.

    -Custom Equips-

    Any requested custom items will be considered by the Endless-RO team.
    If they meet certain standards you will see them in-game within a few weeks.
    Also unlike most servers very few of these will be obtainable via donation only to keep the donators within the same power range as non donators.

    -Cloth Palettes-

    We have a great range of the best old & new cloth palettes.
    And it's likely a fair few of these are unique and can be seen at Endless-RO only.

    -New Cards-

    99% of the newest kRo cards are working perfectly.

    -Custom Mobs-

    You can see our custom mobs in-game.


    @afk - Custom Commands
    @guildmsg - Custom Commands
    @partymsg - Custom Commands
    @whosell - Custom Commands
    @go - Warps you to predefined locations in major cities
    @noks - Kill Steal Protection
    @autoloot - Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs.
    @alootid - Enables/disables autolooting an item.
    @duel - Duel organizing commands
    @mail - Opens your mailbox.
    @aw - Away messsage
    @jailtime - Displays remaining jail time
    @changegm - Change Guild Master of your Guild
    @changeleader - Change the leader of your party.
    @request - Sends a request to all connected GMs (Via the gm whisper system)
    @me - Displays the text as a normal message with the format (Name message)
    @commands - To see your available commands in-game.

    EMAIL: [email protected]

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