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Moron-MU Season 9 ep2 30x-3x 20 -Starts 16-11


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  • Moron-MU Season 9 ep2 30x-3x 20 -Starts 16-11

    OPENING 11/16/2019 21.30 HS GMT-3, WE GIVE FREEBIES TO START!!
    ▪Version: Season 9 + Items S10-S14 Slow
    ▪Exp: 30x-3x(Dinamic)
    From 0 to 20-------------------------30x
    From 21 to 40 -----------------------25x
    From 41 to 60 ----------------------20x
    From 61 to 80 -----------------------15x
    From 81 to 100 ---------------------10x
    From 101 -----------------------------3x

    Get FREE Wcoins!!

    One way to get Wcoins is helping server with donations, but you will be able to get free Wcoins like explained below :
    • Winning Events : Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Imperial Foretress, Double-Goer, Last Man Standing.
    • Killing Mobs : Golden Invasion, Summon Golden Mobs, Kundun, Selupan, Medusa.
    • Month Top Voter : Wcoins will be given to the 5 players that more votes have registered in server, it will not be a daily exchange, Wcoins will be rewarded monthly.

    ▪Exp Master: 20x-1x
    ▪Drop: 20%
    ▪Elf Buffer: 200(Max Level)
    ▪Antihack : Premium Licensed
    ▪Welcome Kit : 200 stat points, 10kk, basic set +7+luck, weapons+7+luck+skill + small wings & classic rings lvl 40/lvl 80.
    ▪Reset : Level 400 (normal users, VIP info on web)
    ▪Points per Reset: 400
    ▪Points per Nivel: 5 y 7
    ▪Points per Master Lvl: 2
    ▪Characters Balance: Excelent
    ▪ Non-PVP Maps: Lostower 1-Lostower7
    ▪Chars Creation: SUM(150),
    MG(220), DL(250) y RF(200)
    ▪ Guild: 350
    ▪ Fenrir: Active
    ▪Exchange: LuckyCoins & Chaos Cards
    ▪MuItemShop (Gpoints, Wcoins)
    ▪Drop Box's: Heart of Love, Box of Heaven,
    Silver y Gold Medal, Pink, Orange, Blue Box y Pumpkin of Luck!
    ▪Bonus Party
    ▪3D Cam (F9)
    ▪EXP Seals: NO!
    ▪OffLevel : Disabled
    ▪Helper : Active since lvl 1

    ▪WCoins FREE : killing some mobs and bosses, winning events (BC, DS, CC, IF, DG, Last Man Standing) and by every reset!!

    +10= 50 %
    +11= 50 %
    +12= 45 %
    +13= 40 %
    +14= 35 %
    +15= 35 %

    Jewel of Soul = 50%
    Jewel of Soul + Luck = 75%
    Jewel of Life = 65%

    Acheron Guardian
    Arca Battle
    Attack Event
    Battle Soccer
    Bonus Event
    Blood Castle
    Chaos Castle
    Cherry Blossom
    Lucky Coin
    Christmas Invasion
    Devil Square
    Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
    Dragon Invasion
    Egg (monster drop) Event
    Halloween Event
    Golden Invasion
    Illusion Temple Classic
    Illusion Temple Renewal
    Imperial Fortress (Guardian)
    Kalima (Kundun)
    Kanturu (Maya)
    Last Man Standing
    Lord Silvester Boss
    Loren Deep Event
    Castle Siege
    Medusa Event
    Mu Roomy
    Santa Claus Event
    Rabbit Invasion
    Raklion of Hatchery Event
    White Wizard Invasion


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