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[AD] TopMu Online | Unique Season 12 | x40, x1000 | International


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  • [AD] TopMu Online | Unique Season 12 | x40, x1000 | International

    Server Hard x40 Grand Opening - 10 August

    TopMu Online Season 12 is going to Open a real server after successful
    Beta Test time. Much of time is invested to make it as good as possible
    what can be in a Beta Test time. There could still have some small issues
    in game but we can guarantee they would be fixed in as short time as possible.
    Beta Test server will not be closed even after Server x40 Opens. You are
    Welcome to Join and check our S 12 now! Feel free to Register an account
    and contact us in Forum if have any questions.

    TopMu Website Link:
    TopMu Forum Link:

    - Standard Server Info
    Version: Full Season 12
    Experience: 40x
    Master Experience: 20x
    Drop Rate: 30%
    Maximum Level: 400
    Maximum Master Level: 500
    Points Per Level: 5/6/7
    Maximum Stats: 32767
    Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8
    Monsters Power Adjusted
    Create Level MG, DL: 50, 70
    Create Level SUM, RF, GL: 100, 120, 140
    Boss Monsters Increased Power
    Bronze, Silver, Gold Party Builds
    Mu Helper Use from Level 10
    Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets
    Different Gens Can Join Party, Guild
    Create Guild from Level 300
    Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 300
    Marked Spots on Minimap: Press TAB
    Items Level 350 / 380 / 400 / 600 / 800 wear from level 1.

    - Resets and Grand Resets Info
    Reset Level: 400
    Reset Limit: 40
    After Reset Stats Clear
    SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 1000 Free Points x Resets
    MG, DL, RF, GL: 1200 Free Points x Resets
    Reset Reward: Topcoins
    Reset Cost: 1kk Zen x Resets
    Grand Reset From: 40 Resets
    After Grand Reset Stats Clear
    All Classes 5000 Free Points x Grand Resets
    Grand Reset Reward: Topcoins

    - Game Events and Rewards Info
    [Guide] Invasion Event Times
    [Guide] Standard Event Times
    [Guide] Box and Other Rewards
    [Guide] Boss Rewards
    [Guide] Event Rewards
    Open our Website to click on Guide Links

    - Web Item Shop Info
    Maximum Item Level: +12
    Maximum Additional Defense: +12
    Maximum Excellent Options: 3
    Maximum Chosen Socket Options: 3
    Excellent + Sockets: NO
    Excellent + Ancient: YES
    Excellent + Ancient + Harmony: YES
    Excellent + Pink: YES

    - Chaos Machine Info
    Mix Item Level +10, +11 = 80%
    Mix Item Level +12, +13 = 70%
    Mix Item Level +14, +15 = 50%

    - Jewel Success Rate Info
    Bless Success Rate = 100%
    Soul Success Rate = 70%
    Life Success Rate = 60%
    Harmony Success Rate = 50%
    If Item with Luck = + 25%

    - Game Commands Info[/b]
    "/move", "/post", "/addstr", "/addagi",
    "/addvit", "/addene", "/addcmd", "/pkclear",
    "/war", "/soccer", "/re", /offstore

    Some of Game Features:
    - All features from older versions
    - Party / Guild / Store Matching
    - [Upgraded] Pentagram System
    - [Upgraded] Muun System
    - [Upgraded] Socket System
    - [New] Grow Lancer Class
    - [New] Character Specialization
    - [New] Skill imprint
    - [New] Shop Sell Cache
    - [New] Ruud System
    - [New] Blood Angel Item
    - [New] Dark Angel Item
    - [New] Archangel Item Upgrade
    - [New] Hunting Log
    - [New] Skill tree skills
    - [New] Mini game Minesweeper
    - [New] Character Info Windows Improvements
    - [New maps] Event Square, Forea, Urk Mountain, Nars..

    Screen shots of Website and Game:

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