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[v83] DynastyMS | Low-Rate | Custom Storylines | Dedicated Server | Competitive


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  • [v83] DynastyMS | Low-Rate | Custom Storylines | Dedicated Server | Competitive

    Our CBT introduction :

    Hello everyone DynastyMS is now in Open Beta [ No more wipes ] the date of our release was be July 11th, 2014. Our server is low rate and is subjected to change based on our players and communities *decision as to what fits our unique server. So come join us now and be a part of our new and unique twist on our map story private server.
    DynastyMS fight for your Kingdom !

    Links Too..

    Website: DynastyMS Website
    Forums: Ion-Network Forums

    DynastyMS Server Introduction Video

    DynastyMS Storyline

    "As The Story Tells,

    Loyalists (Cygnus Knights) are part of the Empire and has ruled over continents for over a millenia. They are rigid and have a set regimen; however, a rebellion group named the Explorers separated from the Loyalists and have begun to wage war across the continent of Victoria Island.*

    As both sides squander over lands, another threat emerges that threatens to destroy them all. Whether or not the two people can band together to stop the horde of monsters before the world is destroyed is up to them."

    Race Storylines


    [spoiler]You are the ultimate warrior of death - to the monsters. Generations before you existed a same child with the exact parallel destiny. Just an innocent child living among the green woods, and playing care free in the Sacred Grove of Esus, your innocent mind does not foresee the destiny the gods have laid out for you. Your chosen weapon is the polearm, which you wield skillfully upon touch. It is your life and soul, and you leave nowhere without it. Light as a reed, yet as firm as a tree, it obediently listens to you, for the great also carry powerful things. Your loving parents watch over you, fully aware of the events taking place in the Middle Kingdom. They shield you from misfortune, yet, their own feelings may unravel the fate of the Dynasty itself, as one decision, can alter the future of many days ahead.[/spoiler]


    [spoiler]Born in the village of Ellinia, adopted by a two loving parents, you work diligently in the department store, carrying out tasks and chores to ease the busy life of your caretaker. Ellinia has bred many warriors - strong ones, and it comes to your mind why there are almost no men in the village past the age of maturity, besides the ones who merchant and pay most of their dues to the Middle Kingdom. Dreams come often to the men of Mu Lung, often epiphanies. Maybe one will follow you home to your bed ..., as your mother told you, happened exactly to your father as well.[/spoiler]

    Cygnus Knight

    [spoiler]The life of a Knight is not always easy. The dedication and hardships a Knight must endure is the sole reason to why the Queen has been so successful. The Knights of Cygnus' armies roam the land, restoring order and peace whilst simultaneously warding off the rebel group, the Explorer Tribe, which has been a thorn in the Empire for nearly a millenia.[/spoiler]

    • Exp-20
    • Mesos-4
    • Drop-5

    Server Features:
    • GMS Like
    • Custom Storylines For Each Race
    • Custom PQ
    • PQ Carnival
    • Dedicated Server
    • Up 24/7
    • Unique Updates
    • No OverPowered Donations
    • Most Unique Maplestory Server Of Our Time!
    • Stable Economy


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    Our download links are now working, sorry for the inconvenience.


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      We are now in Open Beta come join our amazing new and unique server!


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        Where can I download this game?


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