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L2 Hellforge / Server Legacy / Interlude / 2x / Start 8.1. 2021


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  • L2 Hellforge / Server Legacy / Interlude / 2x / Start 8.1. 2021

    L2LEGACY 2x
    EXP 2 5 x

    SP 2 5 x

    Adena 2 x

    Drop 3 x

    Spoil 3 x

    Dynamic rates
    A unique system of dynamic rates developed by us, which reflects the RPG individuality of the player, his level and his abilities.

    Example for completeness a player with level 0-20 reaches the range of rates 2x, a player between 20 and 40 according to abilities moves somewhere around rate 3, a player with level 40-50-60 can get a rate of 4. This goes up to level 70, when the rate is 5x and stays that way.

    No GMshops
    According to us, GM shops, we believe that nothing similar is needed in the game.

    NPC buffer ingame
    Because of only 1 box is allowed in game, we added NPC buffer with basic buffs in each town.

    Dual box
    The server has restrictions that ensure that it is possible 1 + 0 . Any violation of this restriction will be punished at its discretion.

    It made sense for us to set the autoloot to all the drops, with the exception of Raid bosses and Epic bosses where the drop falls to the ground. In the party, the drop is divided fairly.

    L2OFF PTS own server core
    The server is built on L2OFF PTS and supplemented by its own implementation of the kernel, which extends the server. We do not use the services of Russian development teams. We do all the development ourselves here in the Czech Republic. It also means that we are able to apply the fixes almost immediately and we dont have to wait for an external partner to deliver the patch.

    NO Donates
    The philosophy of the server contradicts any advantage for players who pay more money. Everything we do, we do for pleasure and because we enjoy it. If someone still wants to contribute to the server, we will be happy, but the contribution will not be changed for any advantage in the game.

    Retail + functionality
    Of course, all retail Interlude functions work here as well.

    We have changed some functionalities, for the convenience of players at such a low RATE.

    These are mainly the following things:

    NPC buffer
    1st, 2nd class quest can be bought for adena
    C,D Shots are in groceries
    Various stackable items like enchants, souslshot packages, lifestones, etc..
    There will be many events on the server, whether it is official events such as L2Day, medal, firework, zaken curse, pumpkin, etc .. but also custom events created by us.

    Offline shops
    There is no need to introduce an offline trading system. The principle is that a player who has an open shop does not have to have a game physically running, but the server keeps it in the game for a set time or until all offered items are sold out / redeemed.

    Improved pets (Baby Kookaburra, Baby Buffalo, Baby Cougar)
    Buff peti works on the server. From level 55 they buff their owner. Also for pets, things remain in their inventory even after the unsummon.

    Rated quests
    All quests are rated 3x for adenas and exp reward.

    For quest bellow, we changed rate as:

    Amount of drops : 2x
    Chance of drop : + 10 percent

    Gather The Flames

    Alliance with the Ketra Orcs

    Alliance with the Varka Silenos

    The Zero Hour

    War with the Varka Silenos

    The Finest Food

    A Powerful Primeval Creature

    Legacy of Insolence

    Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1

    Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2

    Seekers of the Holy Grail

    Seekers of the Holy Grail

    Further information
    SSQ Full cycle is as retail 14 days . 7 days event period and 7 days seal period.Further information
    Olympiad is monthly
    Buff slots are retail 20 + 4(divine inspiration)
    World boss respwan as retail
    Global shout chat


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