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L2Thalassic x20 - Opening 18.5.2018


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  • L2Thalassic x20 - Opening 18.5.2018

    Rates :
    Experience (EXP): 20x
    Skill Points (SP): 25x
    Adena : 15x
    Drop Items: 15x
    Spoil: 10x
    Recs-Keys: 1x

    Features :
    Ant Queen,Orfen,Core=lvl 85 with vesper drops
    Automatic potions (ctrl+click / right click)
    Clan Reward system : 15 online members for clan lvl 6+rep. points
    New pets,new hats,new cloacks (can be seen only here)
    Achievment system
    Daily quest system
    All h5 locations and skills working correctly
    No hidden donations
    No corruption
    Heroes every 2 weeks
    and many more .

    Grand bosses:
    Queen Ant : 48 hrs +/- 1 hour random. !! SPAWNED IN SERVER BEGIN !!
    Beleth: First spawn 22.May 19:00 +-1h random. respawn 4 days
    Baium: First spawn 23.5. 22:00 +- random 1h,respawn 5 days
    Antharas: First spawn 25.5. 21:30 +- 1h random, respawn every friday in same time
    Valakas : First spawn 26.5. 21:30 +- 1h random, respawn every Saturday in same time
    Orfen : respawn 24 hrs +-15 minutes !! SPAWNED IN SERVER BEGIN !!
    Core : respawn 24hrs !! SPAWNED IN SERVER BEGIN !!

    -Web :
    -FB Page : ... e_internal

    There is many more features etc.(no custom shits),google just dont know to translate good and i dont understand their "indian language" Server seems rly good,new owner and dev team(no tales etc. ) come and see

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