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[WTS] Interlude Server Pack ready to open server


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  • [WTS] Interlude Server Pack ready to open server

    I introduce to you a ready to open pack for low mid and pvp rate server depends of what you need.

    Few words about this pack, the developers edition means that this pack will make your life easy what i mean, the local GIT on eclipse installed will help you to have a local svn that means you can have the original source aside of any changes made on original acis source and you are able to roll back any "BAD" code easy as a pie.

    Server contains
    • TvT Event
    • Offline Shops
    • GM Shop
    • Fast Augmenter Advanced->Select your weapon->Select skill->Select Active/Passive->boom
    • Advanced Buffer Simple+Scheme
    • Vote Manager HOP/TOP/NET per 12h
    • Siege Manager
    • Gate Keeper All towns/Villages
    • Geodata
    • Custom Start Location
    • .vote Command

    • Q: What source this project uses
      A: Project based on acis
    • Q: What you get with source
      A: You are able to change files by your self on local GIT via eclipse
    • Q: Payment methods
      A: Paypal only.
    • Q: Do you get support?
      A: Yes I will help and explain some things so you can work with it
    • Q: Will the server open after the purchase
      A: Yes I will setup and open the server (unless you are behind a complex firewall beyond your rights or your connection is limited)
    • Q: Do you add Custom Items
      A: No it will break the server balance this is up to you
    • Q: Do you add more codes/npc's
      A: Depends the time and complexity of what you asking (it depends by time you need it, the price you pay, and you get an answer yes/no and when will be ready)
    • Q: Will you be the developer of my server
      A: No
    • Q: Test Server?
      A: You can go in my website and download the system to connect.
      Administrator User/Pass: test/test

    • 80Euro with Source for this month only 40Euro (half price)
    • 25Euro without Source

    Computer requirements
    • Minimum 4G ram, Dual Core CPU (home PC)
    • Medium 8G ram, I3/I5 CPU (home PC)
    • Recommended SSD Disk, 8-16G ram, I7/XEON CPU (Dedicated Server)
    • Good connection + firewall (not software )

    Contact me on or email me for more info, you get answers in max 12h world wide.

    Additional to buy
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