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    Recently I used to play to a server with bots allowed.This was the ONLY one avalbale with such rules on the Internet I found(Im not gonna mension names, google it or msg me if u are curious about details). At this point the server closed (donno the real reason behid it), but it left a huge amount of players without a server with the same rule conditions.As u can guess, a gap opened in our souls for that same or similar server.We started to search and HERE IS THE INTRESTING PART!!!(this will save you some time to search, or do it if u dont believe me).After spending about a week to search for such a server I realised 3 facts:

    1.There isnt a server where bot is allowed at this point.

    2. The world is full of servers with great anti-bot defence and zero or close to zero population.

    3.Found at least 6 forums where people desperatly asking for server with bots allowed.

    So , inmo this will attract alot of ppl.

    P.S. The server on which we used to play , was probably more full with active players(not counting the bots) than 90% of the servers where it is forbidden.
    Last edited by Garabed Kirkorov; 01-13-2018, 06:16 AM.

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