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  • L2Hope project looking for members

    Hi, L2Hope looking for project members.


    Visualization: In general for people to be able to enjoy new content and experience new things never seen before. Not in terms on graphics but in content. I feel that we don't need to have anything unique like flying dragons or bridges to achieve what people would enjoy. So most of the ideas will be something that we can achieve easily.
    Last couple of years I've been playing game myself and saw that majority of servers love only for couple of weeks. Players continuing to go to the new servers since something new launches every weekend. To me it just really bazar like I said we don't need flying dragons and bridges to bring content to the server. Taking example from game "Path of Exile" - really simple game without crazy graphics but in depth and unique grinding system that takes time to figure it out.

    Economy sistem: The root of this game is the currency it self so why not to change it up and bring new content from the roots of the game. Everybody got bored from same old looking adena and other common currencies that all look the same and do the same in every single server.
    So there comes multiple custom currency system to change things up. It's simple item as currency so no it does not matter how many new things you bring to this category it doesn't touch the actual gameplay and balancing. Also it's easy to do with it whatever since it's used in NPC and NPCs are highly customization and we can decide on our own which currency does what. My vision also make so no matter what tier mobs you killing there is always a chance for TOP tier currency to drop. As higher tier the mob is as higher percentage of better currency to drop. It will give this RMG satisfaction that no matter if you are a newbie there is a chance for such high tier currency to drop no matter what you farming. Some currencies don't need to be stacked in millions, some of then can be but my concept is that one top tier currency called "Mirror of Lorelei" so rare that it will be hard to even get one.

    Like trailer said. Custom for better graphics and visualization of the game with non-custom stats for balancing. 3 tiers of the armor. Low Tier armor. Farm time: 2 to 3 hours, Price: Adena, Alb Coin. Stats: 85%, Appearance: 50%. Middle Tier armor. Farm time: 15 to 25 hours. Price: Adena, Alb Coin, Cliff Coin, Low Tier part. Stats: 90%, Appearance: 70%. Top Tier armor. Farm time: 70 to 100 hours. Price: Exalib Coin, Awe Deck, Middle Tier part. Stats: 100%, Appearance: 100%.

    If you think that you can fit well our team please contact us now:
    Discord: f0rtem#0001
    or with link: https;//
    Skype: rapoliux332

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