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farming/spoil HELP on High Five!


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  • farming/spoil HELP on High Five!

    So I started L2Stars recently, and I'm just dying to know what the best methods are for getting mats, rares, and just being the most effecient playing a high five server. Im a dreadnought with a healer and spoiler. my questions are: what spots are best for farming each mat? where can i fight solo that ill benefit the most from? im wearing vesper heavy atm, ive tried to kill seed of annihilation but i get destroyed in few hits... ive tried a lot of different quests and nothing seems to be worth my time, compared to all the other rich ppl :/

    here are the rates:

    EXP: 20x SP: 20x
    Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x
    DropItems: 10x
    RaidDropItems: 3x
    RaidDropJewely: 1x
    Spoil: 20x
    Adena: 30x

    thank you in advance for the help

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    Heya pal. Most people on low- mid rate servers do the following. They simply watch the market. If you see something pretty cheap but it and sell it more expensive. I made a lot of adena, doing only market stuff. I also went to deep inside antharas lair to spoil knoriks and those dragon leaders to get BEWS and BEAS. When I was new I made those quests in oel mahum fields in oren. This quest gives you EAS, EWS and Fire crystals which you can sell for a pretty good price. You can also just go to pm fun and look at the drop calc. If you see someone is buying a lot of for example Animal bones you farm those Bones till youre about to die literally xD. The last option is to join or create a clan and do raids.


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