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  • pqTeSTpq
    started a topic Ravagers Reborn !

    Ravagers Reborn !

    Hello folks !

    Im an experienced L2 player,i play on interlude for 10years and i started from about 3years~ to play Freya-H5 chronicle.The "Ravagers" clan was born in october 2014,on interlude[/size](video - > ).

    I'm not pretty sure how many of my interlude people will come for this server,but so i can keep my clan alive,i will also recruit new people from this server.Also,on l2rapidus/l2aeron i had pqTeSTpq/LutinSportif/bLockaH nick,but i played solo,only for fun since i had job/interlude server where i mass pvped.

    Requirements for recruit :

    - respect my decisions,and everything you dont like/every problem you have you speak with me and we handle it together.
    - 18+ years old internationals,we dont recruit only 1 specific nationality or smth like that.
    - play by the rule " there is no I in TEAM",you are not the best or the worse player in this clan so dont be too cocky/dissapointed about yourself,we all learn new things every day.
    - microphone+headset and the possibility to use Raidcall program for speaking(in this program we organize for pvp/sieges,this is our "forum",this is where we post news daily).
    - NO FLAMING/RAGING/BULKING.I learned a lot from my mistakes in the past years,so i tell you i wont be upset if we loose 1st pvps against other clans,we are in a new formula,there is no chemistry between us and i can undestand that.
    - i dont recruit your "friends"/"relatives" just because you ask me that.If i consider that they are good players,nice persons and they worth a valuable good for our clan,i will take them,but i hate this "pressure".
    - i dont recruit PEOPLE JUST FOR ONE SERVER.I recruit loyal,mature,dedicated and experienced people,who can follow my clan on more servers under my lead.
    - all new members will be tested in the 1st days on server.If i dont consider you are good,you will be dismissed.
    - from server to server,we will play MAGES PARTY(spellhowler+1 necro MA),ARCHERS PARTY(ghost santinels+1 trickster MA) or MIXED MELEE PARTY(daggers+gladi+tyrants).At L2axel i decided to play mages party,so i want you now on to learn specific classes to play with for mass pvp,for solo pvp i dont care what you play but since this server its all on free,i expect you to find this requirement easy and to adapt very quickly.My base classes will be cardinal,and sometimes MA,if my pc will allow me to.

    Read very carefuly the recruitment rules and don't add me unless you accept this terms.
    Contact (skype) : pi2de.2010 !
    Last edited by pqTeSTpq; 07-16-2015, 06:33 AM. Reason: modifying chronicle,different aspects,different recruitment rules,etc

  • Nekko
    replied it's a c6 client,but max lvl 78 all skills c4 and really good balance,nice pvp's active gm's making event's also there is zero c6 skills only just c4,cool community,pvps,raidings and oly. Am guarantee as players of server,atleast come and check it it's a pvp server and not that's hard to farm.

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  • pqTeSTpq
    Buuuuuuump !

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