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Ravagers Recruting !


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  • Ravagers Recruting !

    Clan leader : seppuKu

    Hello there fellas."Ravagers" opened recruitment.We are looking for good,experienced International people,that know to assist/follow in pvp and speak good english,also we use RaidCall.We play only high rate servers so dont worry about too much time spent on l2 and not doing important things in real life.We all work/got high school and so on,but when we play l2,we do it good.

    Who played here and made a 9x9 or simple pvp with us knows that we are good.Now,some of my members moved from country/stop playing l2 and we are looking for new members for our family.We play VS the best java clans on RU and EU servers so we expect seriosity and commitment for this project i started along with my friends.We quit playing this server but i came here to see if i can recruit some people for a new server which opens soon.I know there will be some haters that wont agree me,they always are some,but we are a new clan,we played together or 1 vs another many times,but never in this formula.But we do it good so far.Hope you will give us a try and after you will convice of what i said.

    Contact : pi2de.2010 skype.Thx for the time and we expect your requests soon and we will discuss more there.

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