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Interlude Players are looking for Interlude Players


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  • Interlude Players are looking for Interlude Players

    Hello guys,

    we are few ppl who like this game and expecting to join a server in few days and even if we don't intend to make a zerg clan but an elite party we are still in need for few ppl.

    we all are experienced players (beside me, the forever alone leader) and we expect the same from you, beside the understanding that you MUST respect rules and play as a team.

    we are mostly romanians but we also got int ppl and because of that there will be a rule for ENGLISH ONLY on clan chat.

    another rule will be that you must be able to use team speak, or any other program we will ask.

    for further info and etc connect on TS:

    PS[edit]: One of our members is Admin on some hotxxxtracker

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