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  • GodLikes International Clan Recruiting

    Hello and welcome to our community of GodLikes International Clan! We currently are recruiting members from all over the world once and we're international. The only thing you have to do is to have the following:

    • Name:
    • class:
    • Skills:
    • Activity(by hours):
    • Subclasses:

    We also recruiting Subleaders; The subleaders are the 2nd hand after the leader... So they've to help alot in forum,Listen to leader's advices and on top of all, To be respected from all members of the clan.

    Clan History:

    Since 2011-2012 I decide to make a clan(Basicaly a friend of me gave me the idea to start it, So i decide to give a try and starting my own clan. Nowadays my clan was with randoms due to my own innactivity for personal reasons. Now i'm thinking to make my clan from 0 and with all of you who are interested will bring more and more members to our clan going for sieges,pvp's and more. The only way to own a server is our teamwork.

    More infos about our clan you'll find to our Forum

    Feel free to register and be sure that i will reward all the members who will support me and my work to make best clan arround the lineage.

    yours sincerely

    Innactive As known As DarkDiamond(Clan Leader)
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