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  • SELLING L2OFF Server PvP ready

    Server is ready to go
    Client ready
    Extra program editors for client and server
    Word filter, ACM (Account Manager), LogD, AuthD, AuthGated, CacheD, Community, Petition, Server, NPC
    Console Controller: L2Res (keeps alive consoles in case of crash and more)

    Xp X 100
    Sp X 100
    PartyXp X 100
    Adena X 100

    Rebirth Manager
    Nobless Manager
    Misc Shop
    Armor Shop
    Weapon Shop
    Jewel Shop
    Recipe keeper
    Material Manager
    Tattoo Manager
    Key Keeper
    Gatekeepers: SSQ, Castle, Global, Lilith, ClanHall, Raid, HR.
    Donate Clan hall keepers
    Buffers for Towns and Donate Buffers
    * [Regular Buffer: Buffs/dance/songs] [Castle Buffer: Prophecies, G.Shield-Might] [Donate Clan Hall: All support buffs]
    New Monsters
    Quest Monsters
    Cave of trial
    Elven Fortress
    Monastery Party
    L2tower block
    Donate Shop
    TvT Manager
    Aio NPC
    Gm Shop

    Gold style skills for all third class chars like Dance/Song lvl2
    Custom skills for all classes balance
    Rebirth Skills 3lvl max 5% 10% 15% or (select 1-1-1/2-1-0/3-0-0) (Windwalk Acumen Haste Empower Might Shield M.Shield Guidance Focus Mana Agility R.Shock Health Vampire Admin Might)

    Rebirth Books
    4 Crawns Black Gold Red Silver
    Wind/Water/Fire/Dark Mantras
    Wind/Water/Fire/Dark Elements
    Spoil Coins
    Gold/Silver Bar
    Donation Coins
    Mana Potion/Quick Mana Potion (Fixed all bugs)

    Tattoos 5% 10% 15%
    Health Mana WindWalk Might Shield Empower Barrier Haste Acumen Focus Agility Guidance WildMagic MentalShield Vampire Shock

    Noble, Dynasty, Vesper (+ Gold items)

    GM Dynasty Heavy/Light/Robe Sets

    Noble Heavy/Light/Robe Set 50%
    Noble Heavy/Light/Robe Set 75%
    Noble Heavy/Light/Robe Set 100%
    Upgrade to:
    Dynasty Heavy/Light/Robe Set
    Upgrade to:
    Vesper Heavy/Light/Robe Set

    RB Jewels:
    GM Dynasty Jewels
    S Earring of Galaxia
    S Earring of Ipos
    S Earring of Kandra
    S Earring of Vonhellman
    S Earring of Palatanos
    S Earring of Falston
    S Ring of Horus
    S Ring of Mos
    S Ring of Shadith
    S Ring of Tayr
    S Ring of Decarbia
    S Ring of Olkuth
    S Necklace of Hekaton
    S Necklace of Brakki
    S Necklace of Naga
    S Necklace of Shuriel
    S Necklace of Glaki
    S Necklace of Hestia

    Private Geodata edited/Fixed to many parts of the world
    4 New Fortresses 100% & Full npc's donator's Npc's
    Restrictions for riding a wyvern: Valakas Lair, Baium Room, Anakim, Lilith, Antaras Lair, Frintezza Room, Devil Isle, Four Sepulchers 1,2,3,4, Giran, Oren, Aden, Heine, Goddard, Shuttgart, Gludio, Dion Castles and more
    Also restrictions used for zones Chat, Buff, Item sell, PvP accordingly
    Multisells for all upgrades of item sets materials/items gold style
    All skills +6 and custom armor sets skills working perfect 100%
    Custom Recipes with new custom items for Imperial, Draconic, Arcana and all S weapons
    Shadow Items of Armors/Weapons/Tattoos
    Announce when a char makes first/second/third rebirth
    Rebirth system (When your level is 78 you can rebirth and learn new skills. This action can be repeat 3 times.)
    Nobless system (4 crowns needed Teleport in giant cave and kill Golkonda, Hallate, Kernon, Cabrio)
    Olympiad (1 week period For this battle you can use only A Grade items)
    Siege saturday and sunday at 20:00
    Global Gatekeeper (You can teleport to all official and custom areas simple and fast)
    Raidboss Gatekeeper (You can teleport to every raidboss free on his current location)
    DROP INFO Every monster from 1 level to 80 have drop info on status bar makes your life easier
    NEW DROPS Mantra, Elements, spoil coins New Exchange Feature
    High Rate Event You can join to the H.R every friday. Rates xp/sp/drop x200

    Custom Zones
    There are 4 custom zones
    Cave of Trials
    Elven Fortress
    Giant Cave
    Primeval Island
    On these zones you can find
    all materials that you need
    to craft custom items

    Database Backup Included
    Geodata Included
    DSN Files included
    System Files Included

    contact me for price
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