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    Newly opened august 12 , full GOD Ertheia PVP Server

    ALl skills working, all ability skills and hidden ability skills working.

    We tested for 1 year all game mechanics, classes and balance.

    There will be no wipes whatsoever neither.

    Free Epics for new players also. High Rate Goddess of Destruction INFINITE ODYSSEY PVP Server

    -> FULL GOD Ertheia off-like game mechanics
    - Mesmerizing System
    - Ability System and Hidden Skills activated by them added
    - GOD Ertheia Off-Like Stats bonuses for str/dex/int/con/wit/int/luc/cha
    - New Physical and Magical accuracy / evasion relation formulas
    working according to off like GOD mechanics
    - All Skills working and updated to GOD Ertheia :
    spallation, gravity barrier, heavy punch and more
    - Debuff land rate dependency on wit, accoriding to GOD game mechanics
    -> ===================NO WIPE EVER ======
    -> Alchemy, Compound working
    - No Customs
    - Raid Armors from Shadow of light update added: Tauti armor, Freya armor, Kelbim armor
    -> all instances, epics working tauti, lindvior, istina, etc
    -> the only god ertheia server with retail god game mechanics
    -> all new characters start with epic jewels and r grade enchanted items
    -> new shadow weapons (off like ) added
    -> LUC mechanics working off like You'll be able to dodge lethal blows when LUC is activated.
    Basically, you have a chance to evade killing blows of any damage inflicted in PvP/PvE.
    Not related to "Lethal Blow" type attacks.
    -> Elemental bonuses for elements, completly GOD off like
    -> Added Revelation skill mechanic with hidden skill.
    - All New Skills working, and updated to GOD Ertheia chapter
    - Dual class system, nobless ability system all working GOD Ertheia Like

    This is the only Private Server with GOD Ertheia game mechanics.
    What are you waiting for? quit wasteing your time and Start Playing on the ONLY Private Server worth playing: !


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      l2 mirant don't work when i run l2 exe LCID eror stop me .... GG
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        Lineage 2 Azure - Interlude 15x [OFFICIAL FILES][Opened 3.09.2015]

        XP: 15x
        SP: 15x
        ADENA: 10x
        ADENA DROP RATE: 70%
        DROP: 8x
        SPOIL: 8x
        Materials: 3x Max - Amount, 1x Chance
        QUEST XP: 5x
        QUEST ADENA: 5x
        SEALSTONES: 5x
        PARTY EXP: retail

        Dynasty Craft System:
        We wanted to increase the life time of the server, so now players can craft Dynasty Armors and Accessories (more on our forum )


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   server x33. online 1.9k

            EXP: x33
            SP х33
            Spoil х10
            Drop х10
            Adena x22
            RaidBoss х3

            Safe Enchant : 3 full body 4
            Max. Enchant : 20
            Normal Scroll chance : 60%

            Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2
            Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 1h
            Buff Slots : 24
            Dance and Songs Slots : 12
            Geodata and Pathnodes

            Sub-Class Free without Quest
            Sub-Class Max. Level : 80
            Class Master
            Off-line Shop mode
            Auto Learn Loot
            Vitality System
            Unique Community Board
            Droplist Search Engine
            Auction System
            Champions System

            Automatic PvP-game events:
            "The last Hero",
            "A squad against squad"
            "Capture the Flag",
            "The battle to the death"
            "The battle to the death (company officer)"
            "King of the Hill"


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              L2 Ava 18 september coming

              x20 mid rate biggest clans EU/RU will join .


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                L2-Reunion (C4) 5x rates
                Live since : 20.09.2015


                Server features:

                Intel Core i7-4770
                32 GB DDR3 RAM
                2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD
                1 GBit/s-Port

                Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Scions of Destiny (C4)


                * XP/SP 5x
                * Party Bonus 30%
                * Drop 5x
                * Adena 5x
                * Raid Boss Drop 5x
                * Grand Boss Jewelry drop 1x

                * Spoil: material 1x chance, 5x amount
                rest 5x chance, 1x amount


                * Buff Times : retail like
                * Enchant Rates : retail like
                * Full Geodata and Pathfinding
                * Full working Olympiad
                * All C4 locations and raids
                * c4 - Fishing
                * c4 - Baby Pets
                * c4 - Skill enchanting
                * c4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests

                Oldschool C4 gameplay :

                * No Vitality System
                * No Herbs
                * No Common Items
                * No Shadow Items
                * No Masterwork crafts

                Custom additions:

                * Increased drop rates for vital quests
                * Unique Dual-Box protection
                * Newbie buffs till lv 40
                * Quest Item seller (1st and 2nd class)
                * Adventurers/Travelers weapons
                * Offline trading/crafting
                * Ingame droplist (shift+left click)
                * Manually enable/disable XP gain (.expon / .expoff)
                * Spoil message in party chat



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                  Double post , cause of lag.
                  Mods : Delete this post please.


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           new server check infos


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                      l2 realm

             coming 16.10.2015 massive project from l2 world old team.


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               x2 retail


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                          [L2J] Dasparion - Interlude & High Five

                          Hello and welcome to Lineage 2 Dasparion! A unique pvp server like no other! Join us and we asure you that you are going to have a unique experience! Make sure you also join our forum for updates,news and tons of events!

                          FB Page:
                          Server Features: click|me

                          Our official website is currently under development we are going to inform you soon when its online. You will be able to see our servers features and also access our community forums!
                          Stay tuned!

                          Server Features:

                          Hello and welcome to our server! Below you can check the information you need to know about our Interlude server "Cypress".

                          *Exp | Sp: 500x
                          *Drop | Spoil: 10x
                          *Adena: 100x

                          Enchant Rates
                          *Safe +4 | Max +20.
                          *Normal Succes: 66%.
                          *Blessed Succes: 80%.
                          *Crystal Safe +16 | Max +20
                          *Crystal Success: 66%
                          *Augment Success: 15%

                          Custom Commands

                          Custom Zones
                          *3 Normal Farming Zones.
                          *2 Safe zone Farming.
                          *Clan Reputation Manager and Clan Reputation Item.
                          *Buffs: Up to 60 slots.
                          *Noblesse Coin.
                          *Hero Coin.
                          *Special Hero Glow Colors.

                          *Gm Shop.
                          *Farm Protection.
                          *Epic Raid Boss Informer.
                          *Augment Shop.
                          *Skill Enchant Shop.
                          *Casino Club.
                          *Vote Shop.
                          *Vote Manager.
                          *Clan Manager.
                          *Siege Manager.
                          *Event Engine:TvT,DM,CTF,LMS,TW.

                          Gamplay and Curency
                          *Ultimate Character entry,
                          *Pick your C grade starting items.
                          *Special Farm Coins, GB, PvP C*, Pk C* and Event Trophy.
                          *Special Vote Rewards.
                          *Custom tattoos and accessory.
                          *Clan Reputation Special Item +2500.
                          *GM Custom Event with great rewards.
                          *PvP Farm and Color system.
                          *Pk Farm and Color system.
                          *Easy Farm.
                          *Custom Epic Raids Scripts Enter Epics and PvP,
                          *Try your best to win the raid and the zone.
                          *Killing spree system.
                          *No Lag.
                          *Easy PvP.
                          *Frendly Gms.

                          Olympiad Work: 100%
                          Retail Like.
                          *Olympiad Duration: 8Hours.
                          *Olympiad Fight Duration: 5Minutes.
                          *Olympiad Period Duration: 7Days.
                          *Olympiad Time Start: 14:00 gmt+1.
                          *Olympiad Regist End: 22:50 gmt+1.
                          *Olympiad Time End: 00:00 gmt+1.
                          *Olympiad Max Enchant: +6.

                          Have Fun on Cypress.

                          -L2 Dasparion Staff


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                   infinite odyssey i play it now, super awesome, true l2 server and u get 2 weeks of full epics and full gear also, so no sweat.

                            they added also helios update gear to the game from korea, wich is great rly.


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                     100x pvp no craft all items on shop.

                              All items on GM Shop, boss jewels and noblesse too.
                              Perfect class balance (oly too).
                              Mages, daggers and archer are balanced in oly too
                              Working all castle sieges.
                              Clan Wars zone ( to earn clan rep points)
                              Progressive enchant from 91% to 24% (safe +3)
                              All siege working (a siege every day)
                              Hero Coin (1day) or (1week)
                              Hero skills in all subclasses
                              Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants.
                              Unique pvp area
                              New raid bosses every week
                              Unique adena system.
                              Wedding system.
                              Retail raid drops.
                              Npc skill enchanter.
                              Hero every week.
                              Unique tattoo CP/HP/MP.
                              Full npc buffer with auto buff.
                              Max count of buffs - 60.
                              Max subclasses - 30 (All classes).
                              Free and no quest class change.
                              Free and no quest sub class.
                              Free nobless status.
                              No weight limit.
                              PvP Reward System (PvP areas).
                              Quake pvp system.
                              Ingame password change.
                              Top 10 pvp/pk/online.
                              Augmentation system (preconfigured).
                              Server information npc.
                              Unique monsters.
                              Offline trade system.
                              Interlude retail skills.
                              Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.
                              No custom items !
                              Frendly GM


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                                - Rates: Exp: 20x - Adena: 15x - Drop: 10x - Spoil: 10x - Quest: 10x.
                                - NPC Buffer (Basic)
                                - Slots de Buffs: 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration's).
                                - GM Shop C/B
                                - Mana Pots
                                - Blacksmith and Merchant Giran Center.
                                - Craft Server.
                                - Set Armor Penalty.
                                - Auto Learn SKills
                                - Offline Shop.
                                - Auto Pick-Up.
                                - Raid Boss Epics: Retail.
                                - Npc Buffer 1 hour.
                                - Class Change 1|2|3 - Free
                                - Free SubClass Change
                                - Noble QUEST
                                - Enchant System:
                                - Safe: +3
                                - Enchante Max: +16.
                                - Enchante Rate: 50% Normal (weapons/armors).

                                OPENING 2015-10-31


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