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Auto Donate Panel Cheap fast SMART GUARD SPECIAL EDITION


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  • Auto Donate Panel Cheap fast SMART GUARD SPECIAL EDITION

    Hello big news about my new shop its functional and soon will be designed and I am very excited!!!

    (Soon will be more stuff to buy inside)

    15Euro discount for November for donate panel ONLY FOR THE FIRST 10 BUYERS!!!
    Coupon Code: DenArtz
    info about the panel


    New fast, easy & secure as possible donation panel for your players.
    Payment in easy 5 steps:
    1. Login with his player username.
    2. Select the donation service (Paypal/Paygol).
    3. Select the amount of payment.
    4. Pay.
    5. Automatically recieve the reward ingame (and yes) while he is online!
    The shop is special edition with Smart Guard support using ISmartPacket explanation in steps:
    1. Player clicks on a button called “Buy Donate Coins” of an NPC.
    2. The shop opens in user’s default browser and automatically login with our API.
    3. So user repeats Payment steps 2, 3, 4, 5.

    Smart Guard API is not mantatory you can still use the donation panel without the API

    • Full SSL website (forced by htaccess)
    • XSS Protection just in case.
    • Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level
    • Session Validation
    • COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized
    • SQL Injection protection
    • Cookie and Request protection
    • Query String protetion
    • Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there)
    • Google Captcha to check for bots

    SEO & Public management
    • SEO Friendly urls (in htaccess level)
    • Google Analytics Code ready.
    • Terms and use ready to go (specially for paysafe in order to accept you as payment service)
    • Refund policy
    • Contact

    Where we imply our name is showing config SERVER NAME or SERVER WEBSITE variables

    • Zip Content (faster load)
    • Memory save (unloading global vars)
    • Using CDN’s for bootstrap
    • Scripts are loaded in footer
    • Images are soft to max 10kb
    • Small and smart organized code style

    • Multilanguage (3 langs so far) EN ES NL (Easy to add more)
    • Payment methods Paypal, Paygol, Paymentwall & G2A (IPN exists not installed cause they ask for company papers)
    • After payment or cancel the user is redirected back to “Thank you” page.

    • Bootstrap CSS
    • MySQL (PDO Driver)
    • PHP 7.2
    • 10.2.18-MariaDB

    • Paypal supports sandbox and live.
    • Server items in XML file copied and used for getting item ID’s, properties and images (for now its disabled, and item is hardcoded for speed).
    • Log System for website and IPN’s.
    • Log in database Payments and services used.
    • Google Analytics

    • Website Title
    • Server Name
    • Contact Email
    • Use sessions (user has to logout or auto when close the page)
    • Show Captcha
    • Google Analytics Code
    • Use of sandbox in paypal
    • Sandbox/Live Emails
    • Currency Code Payment
    • Item ID for donation
    • 4 Donate Prices and 4 Donate rewards ingame for paypal and another 4 for paygol (for other rates)
    • Log enable or disable
    • Delay on failed login try in seconds
    • Login attempts and timeout
    • Enable Icons
    • Log location
    • Enable or disable for each language
    • Timeout (user is redirected to login page after innactivity)
    • Database and Server Configs

    Files included
    • Website files
    • Java Files for your project in eclipse
    • SQL Files

    Instructions included
    1. How to install NPC HTML BUTTON.
    2. How to add in game server task manager.
    3. How to implement SmartGuard Packet.
    4. Small example of code.

    • Java Server with source (in order to install)
    • PHP 5.6 or 7.2+
    • MySQL Database
    • Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions)
    • Java how to modify your source with a patch
    • Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files


    On your part you need to make accounts in paypal and paygol and set the paygol IPN in options

    Example: and thats it the rest are configs.

    15Euro discount for November for donate panel ONLY FOR THE FIRST 10 BUYERS!!!
    Coupon Code: DenArtz
    info about the panel

    Thank you for your support!!! <3
    Last edited by muaddict; 11-09-2018, 11:58 AM.

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