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Professional Updater/launcher + Panel & Statistics 10


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  • Professional Updater/launcher + Panel & Statistics 10

    Professional Game-Launcher!!

    Updater LauncherNEW
    The fanciest way to present your game to the user, is the easy way of keep in order the user's system files and always up to date, also the fast way to vote in topsites, they can visit your site with a click.

    Why our Updater Launcher, if you ever buyed before you could choose one skin and thats it, with our updater you can choose a skin from our gallery and if you dont like it you can change it simple as that Plus your clients will also change skin automaticly.

    You found the cheapest solution starting with 10

    We provide you a personal panel to check your server live from your phone at anytime, anyware that you can check for:
    • Online Players
    • Online GM's
    • Total Characters
    • Total Males/Females
    • Total Clans and more..

    You can provide suggestions in order to add more features by contacting in our Email or sending a message in administrator.

    You can check the updater here:


  • muaddict
    Free standard pack on register only for this month !!!!!!!

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