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Corupted server


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  • Corupted server

    i wish hopzone delete this server from list is just one insulte to player ,abuse and just to take money from player

    why i say this few reason

    dear admins of zeus if is not true pls comment here becouse on your forum u never answer jus delete unwanted post ...

    we have problem to play becouse of stupid boot protection and when we ask forum support they never answer ,

    we made topic to ask them is they tested this retard boot protection system and they delete post
    they not even test it for 5 min just they say how need work ... rly

    pls admins of zeus test it after say is work like this
    if use mana recharge = boot block , if make alt tab get chanse to get boot protection
    cant heal with 2nd char or recharge when u in fight becouse get boot protection

    come 1 we cant play from 1 week same prob never fixed just post deleted on forum ??

    what u do in beta beta to make oly 24h for player no to fix some bug.

    1 more info pls about system there is a file called asian...... why cant delete it ???
    is some virus program there hide in system???? even antivirus no delete it ..

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    provide us proof that they have virus in the system.


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      John, Lineage 2 has been way too laggy lately and have been encountering severe crash errors. I will appreciate if you can please assist me to get it fixed.
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