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  • For staff about rules

    maybe i can get a answer about Why are rules applied to some people and other people not...sorry i just say this because when i post a new topic some times later i go check and my new topic has disappear...
    I know the adzone rules say this ...
    -You may not bump your current post to the second page by adding another ad.
    and im sure my new topic disappear always because i post a new before the old go to third page...but that is not the point make me send this message, but why just happen to me because when i check i always see the same situation like mine.
    Another situation is to see my Topic if follow the rules or not some one see that fast but to see Topics about server in adzone section with 2 topics in first page no one see that ..and that cross the first 2 rules in adzone section..
    -You may only have one post appear on the first page of this forum section.
    -You may not bump your current post to the second page by adding another ad.
    and that its what let me not so happy and think about what is fair or not because about me is fast to some one see ..about the others or no one see or all the staff is a bit slow to check this....
    like say in my country or is for all or none ..

    note: im a Global Moderator in many forums ( about games and others ) and what i do for one guy i do to all .. no discrimination... what happen here give a bad feeling... i hope you can understand this message and my feeling and i dont want disrespect you or any ppl or staff and sorry for this . Hugs ,best regards

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