Aion-Reactor is a private source Java-based Aion emulator, based on Aion-Emu.
It is the Aion equivalent to L2DC on Lineage2 (same family, same founder).

At the moment we are at a development stage much more advanced than Aion-Unique. Our software is already playable.
We are currently 8 active developers on the project.
This is NOT a project to sell anything in the future. It is a shared development project between active and motivated developers who want the best software for their respective servers.
Project members are not allowed to re-distribute any part of the code other than theirs(which is just normal obviously).

We are missing a few developers to complete our team:
- A packets expert
- One or two more java developers with previous MMO development experience
- An advanced C++ programmer for a very special project

If you would like to get more informations about the project or would like to join, please find me on Skype at ID: L2TheOne

Have a great day and happy holidays everyone!


P.S.: there is an "initiates" period for all new members during which you have to prove your interest and skills before we give you access to our source.