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Currently Recruiting Positions


Job description-Developers are the ones that are always trying to fix bugs and sort out errors with the client and other things. They fix the skills and other bugs and good ones add new content too.

Applicant qualities- Must be very knowledged in the client and other areas of the game. Must know how things work and have to be VERY VERY motivated. They fix and go through alot of files and they need real motivation. Must be experienced with computers.


Job description- Game masters are the ones that make events and generally make players happy in game. But at AionFactory our gms do alot more than that. They are always eager to help out and often fix bugs and submit some new stuff they have been working on. A GM is mostly in game work but is also expected alot from. at Factory a gm is expected to post on forums to help out moderators.

Applicatant qualities- The biggest quality needed for a GM is TRUST. The main way people become gms are by being a mod/dev prior to it. This is because they must be trusted, alot. If an applicant wants to become a GM he has to be fully trusted by the staff and will not get gm unless he is 100% trusted because alot of people look up to gms and they are one of the highest ranks and are expected alot of. Other qualities include some of the mod qualities. Must be able to represent the staff perfectly, nice and polite, very helpful and generally have a nice personality. GameMasters also need serious experience. They can't be new and fresh to the whole concept, you won't ever get a gm who is not heavily experienced.

(We are Currently Recruiting a Trainee only)

  • Bug Moderator- People who experienced With Bugs(Currently Not Recruiting)
  • Support Moderator- People Who exeprienced with Issues and Problems(Currently Not Recruiting)
  • Global Moderator Above Discriptions(Currently Not Recruiting)

Job description- A moderators job is to clean up the forums and to help people. Make sure that no one steps out of line. It is mostly forum based work. 80%+ of the time your mostly being a mod on the forums. The rest is in-game to maybe help a gm with an event or there to supervise whatever the admin or gm says.

Applicatant qualities: Must be active on forums and must know how to help out players in several areas of problems. Must be freindly and polite, basicly be able to represent the staff well on the forums. Must keep a calm mind and be very determind. Must be willing to write up guides, upload files and perform several other tasks if needed, without being told. ALSO DO THE JOB BEFORE YOU APPLY! if you don't then you will most likely not get it.

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