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  • hakerboy
    started a topic Aion emulator

    Aion emulator

    Name:No Name atm.
    Features:Login and Char.Server Works
    - copy included files to game's root folder.
    Start by running runlocal.bat.

    After a long time of trying to get Java and the Emulator working, i decided to make an EasyAION pack.

    My Pack contains the following:
    - pre configured SVN Folder of AionEmu with modified ant so simply doubleclick to compile
    (modified simple builder)
    - portable MySQL Server with PreInstalled Database
    - portable Navicat to connect / edit the Database
    - a good step by step tutorial in german and english how to download source,
    compile them and run the server
    - Downloadlinks for the Chinese and the Korean Aion Client
    - Tutorial, HowTo make the Chinese Aion Client to English

    This is all all pre configured, portable and easy to use, Have fun!

    You only have to download this:
    Download Novo's EasyAIONEmulator

    - Updated to AionEmu Source rev. 54
    - Modified ant Builder for the new Gameserver
    - Added new Tutorials in "Tools"
    - Added new Downloadlinks for Aion

    - you can NOT enter the world and play at the moment, only login and create Character
    - it's hard to login with the Chinese Client on localhost, do it with the Korean Client!

    Login with Aion to the Emulator (to localhost):
    Create a batch file next to the aion.bin and write:
    start aion.bin -ip: -ng

    and modify the config.ini

    P.S.a patch for some buttons translated in english:
    extract in ...AION\data\string

    world server isn't online atm, so there is a chance for this pack to be without mobs or etc. dunno never tested it. have fun.

  • vedmin

    can you help me with my server i have problem plzzz help me with TeamViewer 4plzz my mail is shakochako i have problem with databas create

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  • Hartster
    Aion Emulator

    Yes there is already a few in development, very basic atm for most of them, and putting it all together for "just anyone" to be able to put up a server is idiotic..just look at the state L2 is in right now...and you wonder why?? I sure hope that they keep it strickly to SVN so at least you have to have a few brain cells to open a private server, not like downloading a nightly and boom you have a server...that is the reason for the current state of L2 IMHO.

    Give the Emulator crew a while and we should be seeing some results in a short time, but ffs, let's not destroy this the same way L2 has been

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  • hopzone
    is there really already an AION emulator ?

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  • nekys
    Updated to AionEmu Source rev. 54
    This is VERY old revision...

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  • xDracTheLegend
    So.... what's this used for? To make a Aion server?

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