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    The quest for becoming a Daeva (taken at level 9) earns you your wings
    at level 10, this is for both Elyos and Asmodian characters. When you
    first obtain this ability you will only be able to use flight for a maximum one minute period with a two minute "recharge". I'll elaborate. Flight is powered by aether, and a players aether has to be replenished. As long as you have even just a little aether you can fly, but how long you fly depends on how much aether you have. As stated already it takes two minutes to fully "recharge". Aether is recharged by not using your wings to move around in any way, or if you're in the Abyss you can fly through the numerous aether rings. There is also a cooldown on how often you can take flight/glide and it's a mere 10 seconds. Your aether level is indicated by a segmented green bar over your head(when flying) and it is always in your hud's lower right.

    Flight in Aion is limited to certain zones/areas, so to help with this there are also flight paths(Which appear to be the same concept used in WoW, albeit far more stylish), depending on the area. Using a flight path to get to an area will not exhaust your aether as you are using some form of spiritual bird rather than your own wings. It is a much faster means of travel than standard flight.

    Flight in the Abyss is virtually unlimited. You can go the abyss at level 25 and there's stuff to do there until end game and beyond. Your aether still runs low in the Abyss, but there are aether rings you can fly through or hover in to recharge your aether as you go. It's rumored that wings can be be personalized or upgraded through PvP, specifics are yet to be announced. It is true that some player skills act differently or are available only when you are flying which makes the flight system more of a strategic element than a transportation mechanic.

    As your character progresses there will be items/abilities/situations that will result in higher flight times/speeds etc. I have heard from multiple sources, but not confirmed that endgame you can get up to 3-4 maybe up to 5-10 minutes of flight time.


    As stated previously, flight in Aion is limited to certain areas and zones to avoid players getting ahead of the game or making it too easy. Remember flight is supposed to be a strategic element, not a mount. If you find yourself in a zone in which you can not fly, you can still "glide". This is true in all zones! To glide simply jump in the air and then jump again in mid-air and you will unfold your wings and ride the air currents. Holding W will help you push forward and holding S will help you catch air currents for longer air time.The effectiveness of this is based on your environment, if you're going down hill you can expect to ride longer, but once you hit ground your wings go away. Gliding does eat up your aether, but only half as fast as flying(so if you can find a big enough hill you get 2 minutes to glide). You do move faster while gliding then you do whilst running, so gliding is typically used to escape aggro. You can also toggle in and out of gliding from flight by tapping your jump button. This might seem trivial, but remember gliding costs less aether and thus gives you more air time. If you hit the ground while gliding, but you had a flying start you will automatically go back into flight as
    opposed to landing.


    Initially PageUp and PageDown will be used to fold/unfold your wings, you can also click the flight button on your hud or the macro that comes in your skill book. Once you are flying you can move any direction with the mouse buttons simultaneously pressed, WADS works for the horizontal plane, R makes you ascend and F makes you descend. Of course any of these keys can be remapped. If you want to show off your wings stand still and type /wings. This has no aether cost and no cooldown, but if you move at all your wings will fold in again.

    There is a move called "dive", it's not a real skill per say, but it causes your character to travel faster, though only at a downward angle. While you're flying, just point your character down either with the mouse buttons or both the W and F keys and you're diving. Remember this when you're high up and your aether is almost depleted. I recently came across a thread where numerous people have vouched that free falling is faster than anything else. I can not confirm this right now, but I will try to in the next beta.

    Where to get your wings: Note: I have not confirmed the cost on the level 30 or 40 wings for the NA version of Aion. The image linked is from the NA beta.

    Your first set of wings come at level 9 through a campaign quest called: Ascension.

    Your level 30 wings are typically purchased from a vendor for roughly 775k kinah(game currency). The vendor can be found in Sanctum for the Elyos and Pandaemonium for the Asmodians.

    If you have bought the CE of Aion you get a better set of level 30 wings for free!

    It has not been stated whether you will get the wings for every character you've created or not. It has also not been stated where you get the CE wings from, be it mail or they come on your character in your cube.

    The level 40 wings are purchased from the SAME vendor as the level 30 ones for about 9.6M kinah.

    The level 50 wings are a quest reward, see the following:

    Asmodian quest at level 50: Secret of the Pollution.

    - Grants access to dungeon in Brusthonin: Ardma fort. Also rewards level 50 wings.

    Elyos quest at level 50: Secret Experiment of Theobomos

    - Grants access to dungeon in Theobomos: Secret Laboratory. Also rewards level 50 wings.

    Both quests are campaign quests which leads me to believe they will be in your logbook already at level 50, but I can not confirm that.

    Equipping Wings:

    Your first set of wings are always on your character by default, they're not a removable item. However ALL other wings in the game have to be equipped in order to work. When you get your first level 30 wings you will drag and drop them into the middle slot on your character profile screen, the same way as you would a piece of gear. When you do this you override your default wings, but you don't ever get rid of them. As you get more wing sets you can always swap one set out for another. They're completely interchangeable, and if you wanted to go back to your original pair just unequip all wings. Since the level 40 wings have more flight time and the level 50 wings have HP on them, but less flight time(see the stats section below) it might be good to swap those out depending on whether you are PVEing or PVPing.

    Wing stats: Note: I have not confirmed this information.

    Please note these stats come with the wings and are the same for both Elyos and Asmodian.

    Level 10 - One minute of flight(60 seconds).

    Level 30 - +30 Seconds of flight time(90 seconds total).

    Level 30CE - +40 Seconds of flight time(100 seconds total).

    Level 40 - +60 Seconds of flight time(120 seconds total).

    Level 50 - +35Seconds +120HP(95 seconds total). - This tickles me as a PVP thing honestly, since flight time is much less limited in the Abyss due to the aether rings and HP is key for mitigation.

    Other things modify your flight time and speed such a high level gear, potions, manastones, scrolls, titles, Abyss buffs, etc. Examples:

    Archon Tribunus's Breastplate - Flight Speed

    Shining Wise Dragon King's Breastplate - Flight Time

    Manastone: Maximum Flight Time +5 - Time

    Craft: Greater Raging Wind Scroll - Speed

    Titles that adjust your flying! Courtesy of Aionsource member: Moonlight Shadow


    Krall Hunter

    You defeated many Krall.

    Physical Critical Hit +2 / Flight Time +1


    You passed the high-level flight skill test

    Flight Speed +1% / Flight Time +2

    Lonely Bounty Hunter

    You arrested the wanted Kelaino.

    Magic Boosting Power +8 / Flight Speed +2% / Flight Time +2

    Defeater of the Indratu Legion

    You defeated Brigade General Indratu.

    Physical Critical Hit +4 / Magic Boosting Power +11 / Flight Time +2

    Handicrafting Expert

    You reached the highest level in Handicrafting.

    Flight Time +2

    Sewing Expert

    You reached the highest level in Sewing.

    Maximum HP +52 / Flight Time +3 / Flight Speed +3% / Speed +6%

    Krall Slaughterer

    You annihilated Krall in Eltnen.

    Maximum HP +44 / Maximum MP +44 / Flight Time +2

    Gatekeeper Hunter

    You defeated the gatekeeper of the Ereshuranta Upper Layer Fortress.

    Flight Speed +3%


    You exchanged a valuable for a lemon.

    Flight Speed +2% / Evasion +4 / Water Defense +4




    You helped Gerger to fulfill his lifetime dream.

    Maximum MP +20 / Flight Time +1

    Slayer of Mabangtah

    You threw Elysea into chaos by defeating Mabangtah, a pro-Elyos Krall.

    Physical Critical Hit +4 / Magical Critical Hit +4 / Flight Time +2


    You defeated a novice Elyos warrior in the Abyss.

    Flight Time +2


    You defeated Elyos in the Abyss and enhanced the reputation of the Asmodians.

    Maximum HP +52 / Flight Time +3 / Flight Speed +3% / Speed +6%

    Sewing Expert

    You reached the highest level in Sewing.

    Magic Boosting Power +8 / Flight Speed +2% / Flight Time +2

    Gatekeeper Stabber

    You defeated the gatekeeper of the Ereshuranta Upper Layer Fortress.

    Flight Speed +3%

    True Friend of Silver Mane

    I defeated the enemy of the Silver Mane Tribe.

    Maximum HP +44 / Maximum MP +44 / Flight Time +2

    Born Merchant

    You exchanged a lemon for a valuable.

    Flight Speed +2% / Evasion +4 / Water Defense +4

    Title stats are subject to change of course in future patches.

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