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Movement Bonuses & Penalties


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  • Movement Bonuses & Penalties

    One of the least talked about features in Aion is the way movement in combat works. Itís quite simple really, but also intuitive and keeps your fingers busy.

    In addition to your armor and weapons, the way you move in combat also affects your offensive and defensive capabilities. For example, moving forward in combat will increase your damage, but also decrease your defense. Moving backwards will greatly increase your parry and block rating, but also significantly decrease the movement speed and physical damage inflicted. Lastly, strafing from side to side will increase your chance to evade attacks, but will in turn decrease both your damage and movement.

    +10% Physical Damage
    +10% Magic Damage

    -20% Physical Defense
    -20% Magic Damage

    +500% to Parry

    +500% to Block

    -70% Physical Damage

    -40% Movement Speed

    Left/Right Strafe:+300% to Evasion

    -70% Physical Damage

    -20% Movement Speed

    Although you certainly donít need to use movement in every single fight, itís definitely a good trick to keep in mind. For example, if youíre low on health and expect a heal, it would be wise to start moving backwards (often frowned upon in other MMOs, but actually useful here) or strafing.

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