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  • AION Bots

    Bot no1:
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    Bot no3:

    Here are some Bots for the featured AION game. informations about the Bot instalation and use wont be given by me since i dont want you to bot and get cutted.

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    It would be nice if there was feedback on this aion bot, I would love to feature this on my site as I am looking for a good bot to share to my readers.


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      AION SZ bot commercialized exclusively at Botsmall!

      After a couple of weeks testing and preparation, we now announce that AION SZ commercialized and BotsMall is the exclusive resellers of AION SZ bot.

      If you have any questions about how to use AION SZ bot, please feel free to post in our forum and our moderators and service agents will be more than glad to provide support within maximum 2 hours.

      If you have any questions on the payment issues, please contact our 24/7 Customer Live Support at

      It is our great pleasure to provide customer service and bot product with superior quality.

      Thank you for your support all the way through!

      BotsMall service team


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          The AionGlider Aion Bot

          The MMONinja Aion Grinding bot is designed for automated XP gain and gold farming. By having an advanced waypoint system for patrolling and coping with death, it hunts, fights, buffs, heals, and loots all night or even days on end. It even features background mode so you can see the web, watch a movie, or play games while botting. With features like support for chain skills your bot can play just as well or even better then you definitely do, with instant reactions and precise gameplay. Recently we added support for repeatable coin quests, so you can level and gear up even faster! If you want to know more about aion bot please visit my
          I'm a moviegoer, I like watching move and writing movie review. I like playing aion.


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