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[GUIDE] Scout guide for beginners


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  • [GUIDE] Scout guide for beginners

    The Look and Feel

    While the Warrior is gritty and strong, the Scout concerns themselves more with speed, camouflage, agility and awareness. Some would say they are the melee equivalent of Mages, dealing deadly amounts of damage, but frail when encountered by more than one enemy. Limited to cloth and leather armor, defense isnít their specialty. Even though wearing cloth pieces is an option, it is best to try and equip yourself with leather for the boost in armor. Leather pieces will also likely provide stats more in tune with a Scout, such as an increase in HP and Att+ or Parry+. On top of that, you get the ability to wield either the Sword or Dagger. The main difference between Daggers and Swords is the attack speed, power and crit chance. Swords have a slightly slower attack speed, but a bigger damage output. Daggers have the fastest attack speed and a higher chance to land a critical hit, but a lower overall DPS.
    When doing the quests in the beginner zone, make sure to choose the leather armor option and weapon choice that will cause the most damage. Donít be afraid to purchase pieces of armor or weaponry from the merchant if you have the money to spend. The merchants in the first town provide some pretty good starter equipment that could last you for a couple of levels. With how much money you will get from completing quests, you should have enough to invest in a few merchant pieces if you so choose.
    At this stage of the MMORPG, your look will resemble that of every other Scout in the beginner zone; leather vest with leather pants along with small intricate details outlining your outfit. The only distinguishing look from your class will be the Mage's robes, as all of the other starter classes seem to wear the typical shirt and pants combo up until level ten.


    Scouts excel in running in after scanning the situation, and dealing a good amount of damage from the back as quickly as possible. However in the first ten levels of the game, you will most likely be soloing, so hopefully your quick fingers can pull off some cool moves when the situation arises.
    Levels 1-2

    These first levels will go by quick, so your two initial abilities will be cake to perform. Swift Edge is your basic single target damage ability that adds a little spice to your auto attack. Focused Evasion will be an ability that will become very useful in the later levels of "Aion," so get used to using it now. It lets you dodge the next incoming attack once, with a 30 second cool-down. Since you donít have to worry about combos and quick evasive maneuvers, just hack and slash your way to level three where you start getting a real feel for the Scout.
    Levels 3-6

    At level three you get the famous Surprise Attack (or Backstab in other MMORPGs) that will prove to be very useful later as an Assassin, and somewhat useful if you decide to go Ranger. A special ability whose usefulness is apparent when used from behind your enemy, it is capable of dealing a very large amount of damage. At level three this proves to be a great opener to battles, usually taking down the enemy to around 50% at the beginning of the fight.
    At level five you gain the Counterslash ability, a chain combo ability that is triggered after successfully dodging an attack. When activated, the ability deals damage and stuns the enemy for a very short amount of time. Your first test to see whether you have what it takes to be a truly great Assassin or Ranger comes into play. Use Focused Evasion, then quickly activate Counterslash, and while the mob is stunned quickly jump over the mob, spin mid air doing a 180, and backstab it for some satisfying damage -- all while acting like a Ninja out of "Tenchu." If you can pull that little stunt, you are well under way to becoming a player. On top of Counterslash, you learn Hide, an ability that turns you invisible for a set amount of time, with a 60 second cooldown that follows. Not very useful in the earlier levels, but one of the key attractions of later levels. Also at level five you learn the ability to Dual Wield, giving you the ability to equip two dagger or swords at the same time, or even mix and matching the two. It's the envy of Gladiators, as they get this ability when they reach level twenty.
    Levels 7-9

    At level seven you learn Soul Slash, a chain combo skill that is activated after using your Swift Edge ability. Its purpose is to deal more damage to the opponent. Classified as a purely damage combo, Swift Edge + Soul Slash gives you the chance to deal a quick amount of straightforward burst damage to your enemy without worrying about positioning. Then at level nine you learn Devotion, a self buff that increases your Physical Attack by 40% for five seconds with a 30 second cooldown. A great buff to cast on yourself right before opening with a Surprise Attack.

    Ascension and the Big Decision

    At level nine, like every other starter class, you are given the mission line of becoming a Daeva and choosing the path you will take for the rest of the MMORPG. Once youíve completed the mission line, the big decision is forced upon you in a rather quick and uninformative way. Without any background knowledge you might be a little lost as to which class you would pick. Letís look at a small preview of the two choices that are given to you at level nine.
    One of the choices you have is the Assassin, a rogue-type class that excels in sneaking up from behind and attacking with dual daggers or swords. A master of cunning and camouflage, the Assassin rids its enemies with quick precision and is often the worst nightmare for cloth or leather armor wearing classes. Also able to coat its weapons in poison, Assassins can adversely affect the enemy with all sorts of debuffs. Are you the type that sneaks around waiting for the perfect time to pounce and go in for the kill? If you are, the Assassin will fit you best.
    The other choice you have is the Ranger, a bow wielding expert that excels in long range combat. A master of the bow, the Ranger is capable of dishing out tons of burst damage in only a few seconds. A master of stuns, the Ranger, if played correctly, can kill an enemy without being touched. Make sure you keep yourself at a distance and donít forget to use the traps that are at your disposal for extra damage and crowd control capabilities. If mastering the arts of ranged combat is your thing, a Ranger is the right choice for you.
    I hope this guide was able to help you understand the Scout in "Aion" a little better. It is best to know how to play your starter class in order to excel as your main class. Next time, we'll look into one of the casting starting classes!


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    GUIDE Scout guide for beginners

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