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Dedicated and VPS servers. Cloud hosting in Europe.


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  • Dedicated and VPS servers. Cloud hosting in Europe.

    Offering VPS, Cloud hosting and Dedicated Servers in Europe.
    Ideal datacenter location and individual customer service. This offer is unique because of the level and set of featured services.

    Dedicated Servers in Europe.

    Save lots of money, and secure your hosting with optional DDoS Protection!

    Order dedicated servers in unprotected mode, without DDoS Protection for a moment, an lower price with an option to purchase additional DDoS Protection to your Dedicated Server in Switzerland.

    DDoS attacks dynamically evolve and grow against stability of whole clusters or even Data Centers in case of firewall failure and also dedicated servers. Losses encountered as a result of ddos attacks are shocking and not pleasant at all. Also the ddos attacks will lead to loss of customer base and possibly reputation and downtrend of overall business sales.

    Check out the forum and see how hosting companies get downtimes due to DDoS attacks every day. So get the DDos Protection when you need it instantly with Cloudcom.

    DDoS Protected Cloudcom offer a serious DDoS Protection service to prevent all types of DDoS attacks . Our professionals will ensure 24/7 dedicated server monitoring and technical assistance as stated per SLA.

    DDoS Protection for the stable development of your business built on Dedicated Servers provided by Cloudcom.

    What else Cloudcom offer?

    VPS. Virtual servers in Europe (Switzerland).
    All virtuals servers cost as low as 3$ per month!
    Almost the same VPS server but 10 times faster.

    Speed: This is where SSDs shine. An SSD-equipped PC will boot in seconds, certainly under a minute. A hard drive requires time to speed up to operating specs, and will continue to be slower than an SSD during normal use.
    SSD Storage will provide you the best speed and effectivity of the virtual hosting. We use only the newest ssd storage technologies (SAN SSD) and servers based on Intel processors. Each virtual server is connected to 10 gbps port. Also we offer ddos protection with every VPS server for a small extra fee, depending on amount of cpu cores involved (per core).

    VPS Server special:

    VPS-V0 (LINUX)
    2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon 1 core
    512 MB ram
    20 GB storage
    1 TB bandwidth
    10 GbE netowork
    2.84 eur per month

    Cloud hosting and cloud servers.

    Free Virtual Private Server. Free VPS Trial.

    Test our VPS with DDoS Protection.

    What is allowed on the free trial?

    Please note that the free VPS server is intended for testing purposes only.
    You are not allowed to use the VPS as proxy ddos protection service, or as any kind of business or money-making instrument. Any kind of resale, warez related content, Camfrog rooms, intense file transfer or sharing or any related activities are not allowed, including Cloudcom Terms of service.Cloudcom reserve a right to cancel any free server in case if suspected in activities preventing the free server service from functioning properly, meaning testing purposes only.Terms of Service Agreement
    How long does the Free VPS run for?

    Your free Virtual Private Server will be active for a week, then after that it will be automatically disconnected, unless you are willing to continue using the Cloud server and fund your account balance by a credit card, PayPal or 2CO.
    What OS can I install??

    You can install any OS you can think of. We have over 200 templates of different machines including but not limited to: CentOs, Debian, FreeBSD, RedHat Linux and many others.

    All configurations starting from CLOUD-V2 include automated ddos protection for NO EXTRA COST!

    Build your custom Cloud server for as low as 55 euro per month.

    Dedicated Server in Europe.

    Dedicated Server and DDoS Protection as low as 72 EUR/month! Cloudcom included the 10 Gbps DDoS Mitigation in the monthly server price included with all Dedicated Servers.
    Free DDoS Protection will filter both TCP and UDP attacks (including UDP-based NTP flood attacks) by personally developed DDoS attack protection network platform and DDoS Protected Hosting.

    Dedicated Storage Server special:
    Storage F
    CPU: 2 x E5606 Intel Xeon 2.13 GHz
    Cores: 8
    Ram: 24 GB DDR3-1600 REG/ECC
    HDD: 24 x 2 TB SAS2 и 2 x 500 GB
    RAID: 3 x 8 SAS Adaptec HBA
    1999 евро в месяц

    What else do you get with each server?
    Bandwidth: 15,000 GB (Network connection 1 Gb Ethernet for each Dedicated Server)
    DDoS mitigation: 10 gb/s - 4mpps automated ddos protection
    KVM over IP, IPMI - free of charge

    Dedicated Server example configuration:

    Magma Q
    CPU: E3-1270V2 Intel Xeon 3.5 GHz
    Cores: 4 8 HT
    Ram: 32 GB DDR3-1333 VLP ECC
    HDD: 2 x 4 TB SATA 3
    RAID: Internal Adaptec / Intel
    Bandwidth, GB: 15,000 GB (Network connection 1 Gb Ethernet for each Dedicated Server)
    DDoS mitigation: 10 gb/s - 4mpps automated ddos protection
    KVM over IP, IPMI

    199 eur per month, flat

    Cluster Servers

    Supermicro SuperSBB Cluster-in-a-Box is a reliable, continuous availability storage solution with no single point of failure. It only takes 10 minutes to deploy a protected data storage that can be accessed via NFS/SMB/iSCSI. All required software is pre-installed.

    Hot-swappable modules for all active components - including storage controllers, power supplies, and disk drives.
    Ready-to-deploy - delivered with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard preinstalled and Failover Clustering preconfigured across the two compute nodes.
    High-performance, tiered storage - incorporates 4x SAS SSD drives for lightning-fast performance by using the new Storage Tiers feature in Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard.
    Native integration with Active Directory - enabling fast and easy deployment in existing Windows Server-based IT infrastructures.
    Easily expanded - built-in expansion ports make it easy to connect up to four Super SBB External JBODs, each of which supports 16x 3.5” SAS2/SATA3 drives.
    With the SuperSBB Cluster running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard, you’ll have access to the latest storage innovations from Microsoft, including:
    Data Deduplication and Storage Spaces - for maximizing and scaling your storage capacity.
    Storage Tiers, SMB Direct, SMB Multichannel, and NIC Teaming - for maximum performance.
    Enhancements to Failover Clustering and Hyper-V - for improved reliability.

    Cluster 2N 2 x E5-2403 v2 Intel Xeon 1.80 GHz 8 64 GB DDR3-1600 REG/ECC 20 х 1 TB SAS2 4 х 200 GB SSD 2308 LSI SAS2 1859.36 EUR

    Find out more about our hosting products, servers and ddos protection, just contact our Live Chat at any time:

    ? Callcenter: +34931731456
    ? E-mail: [email protected]
    ? Friendly LiveChat at the website

    Quality Dedicated and Virtual servers in Europe with DDoS Mitigation.

    Take advantage of our DoS and DDoS attack protection solutions included, and benefit from a seriously powerful mitigation services enabled by the development of our own DDoS Protected High-Speed Network.

    The types of DDoS attacks you get protected from?

    Cloudcom strives to protect you from All Types Of Web-based DDoS
    Attacks, including the most common types of the DDoS attacks:

    TCP SYN flood
    HTTP POST flood
    UDP flood
    DNS flood
    ICMP flood
    Spoofed IP Attacks
    Teardrop attacks

    DDoS Protection can be initiated within seconds after the initial attack is made.
    As DDoS Attacks are expanding in their growth rate and intensity of the damage caused, it is a wise decision to be ready in advance.
    Get handy with good Anti-DDoS protection solution BEFORE you are attacked and save some time for real fun afterall.

    Cloudcom Protected Hosting
    Cheap VPS and Dedicated Servers in Europe.
    DDoS Protection Cloudcom. Protected Dedicated Game Servers.

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