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  • How to add a server to

    How to add a server to the list.

    Sorry but first you must read the rules.

    Adding a Server Rules

    1. Make an account on the forum if you do not have one.

    Your list account is the same as the forum account.

    2. Login

    3. Click on Addserver

    4. Add the following information:
    Note: People can not see the IP you post below in Loginserver Ip or GameServer Ip, make sure you post it on your website. If you use a decrypted L2ini file, the addressort is the gameserver info.
    • Server Name :

      Loginserver Ip :

      Loginserver Port :

      GameServer Ip :

      GameServer Port :

      GAME TYPE :

      XP rate :

      SP rate :

      Drop rate :

      Server Location :

      Description :

      Server webpage or Forum link :

    5. Click Add Server button at the bottom

    6. Add the Hopzone link or the hopzone vote link to your website/forum.
    7. Wait for approval.
    Server Must be online to be approved!
    Due to the way that Hamachi works we are unable to list these servers.
    Your server will always appear offline to us and we can not list it.

    If your server is not approved, you should receive an email message with the reason it failed.
    Correct the problems noted and edit your listing.

    If you have {un}planned maintenance and plan to be down for more than 2 days, email kadar and he will add a note to not remove the server.

    Note: You must not block hopzone or any other address we use from checking if a server is online. (LS and GS ports)
    Blocking these will make your server appear offline and it will be removed from the list.
    Falsifying information is grounds for server deletion.

    Admins Also Note:
    Our users are allowed to post both good and bad points of the servers in the Comments area. (Within the rules, of course). If this is not something a server admin wants, you may not want to list it here.

    Thank You !
    HopZone.Net Team

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