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Hi... New & I have a question for you guys.


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  • Hi... New & I have a question for you guys.

    I put my aion server on your list the same time as my friend did today. I put the vote image on my forums because I was not yet accepted. Why would I want a vote image on my main site if it takes you to a page where you can't even vote for my server.

    I thought me putting my vote image on the forums would be enough until I got accepted and of course it wasn't

    My friend got accepted and he just put it on his register page and I did not get accepted at all yet. Hopefully I will be accepted .... soon? I mean I don't want to have a image on my site that is taking people to a site that advertises other servers but won't even have mine on it yet or allow my users to vote. I don't see the point in MAKING people put the image on before their site is even approved. That is ridiculous..

    Please approve my server. It is Chronic Aion and I now put the image on my website, the pop up box, and the forums.. and if that isn't enough I even put it in my ad here on the forums and all the other forums I have posted on..

    My name is Chronic and I own Chronic Aion. Sorry if I sound a bit angry but I just don't see why I didn't get accepted yet when I did actually have the vote link on my forums.. and as I said before if you click it.. it says not accepted so I was like "I just won't put it on the site until I am accepted.." I guess that was my mistake.

    Please accept my site.. Ty.

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    same problem for me man, im waiting approbal... i add the aion server 3 days ago...


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      same here... ID: 127


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