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  • Help please!

    "I'd put on aion server Hopzone the top and never adopted me, I always send an email which reads as follows:

    Hello JJBreaker4,

    Your server with ID:180 has been checked and you must do few minor things before we put it in the list:
    - Server was offline when we checked it<br> -

    After yo have done those things please send a private message to one of our admins and your server will be reviewd asap.

    HopZone list robot

    !! please do not reply to this message as it is not going to be read !! you can forward to hopzone or Kadar.
    And in places Hopzone status:Status: Needed action from you :S

    I'm Spanish, not English and not to do ... urgent need that my server is in Hopzone lists to enter new people and people who already can vote!

    I have the image and vote at the main web server, but can not vote by saying that the server is off, and takes 4 weeks straight without putting off

    I hope some answers or help, what to do now ... thx

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    What am I supposed to do?
    Your server appears offline. That is a problem on your side.
    Check the IP/ports in your listing.
    Make sure you do not have Hopzone banned in your firewall.

    Never adopted?

    Aion Zacura

    Activated ==> June 16, 2010 14:41:33
    Activated ==> June 04, 2010 16:40:27
    Activated ==> May 29, 2010 11:00:22
    Activated ==> May 21, 2010 18:01:24
    Activated ==> May 01, 2010 20:17:09
    Activated ==> April 12, 2010 13:20:48
    Activated ==> March 27, 2010 23:02:56

    The last time your server was removed from the list was because you submitted the same IP/port in both your L2 and aion listings.
    It is impossible to have 2 servers running on the same IP/port.
    Game play is supposed to be by the players on your server, not by the admins who list the server.


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      Thanks for the quick response ^^

      I have the same pc open two servers, one of Lineage II and a Aion ...

      The lineage has the IP: and the ports 2106 and 7778

      Aion: Ports 2107 and 7777

      What is the problem?


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        Server now appears online.

        I see on your website that you have a section up for vote rewards and that Hopzone is the only toplist on your homepage. Don't do it.
        Game play is supposed to be by the players on your server, not by the admins who list the server.


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          Thank you very much for accepting!


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