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My server this Off in hankings !


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  • My server this Off in hankings !

    My server this Off in Hankings !

    Kadar, I would like to apologize for my first post that was out of place and whether it could reactivate my site L2 Project , not because of this Users ranked the top 200 banner , but we already have this banner , I ask help u to know what I do to reactivate my top server HopZone

    By: Google Translator!
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    Kadar do not understand why my site is already off again , my server has the flag of HopZone the countdown page and already got off again for the same reason . I do not know if I'm doing something wrong if you let me know I'll fix it! I must be in Hanking HopZone .

    By Google Translator


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      Server is offline. Has been offline for more than 5 days.

      Servers get removed from the list when they are found to be offline for more than 5 days.
      Game play is supposed to be by the players on your server, not by the admins who list the server.


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        Kadar My server is not in hankings Hop Zone !
        Its cause my server to be active in hankings again? he's off . Sorry ask this every time and I'm a beginner adm we will improve kadar ask excuses.

        My banner to vote the HopZone this ok in voting system if you want a test Account and verify that this same visit:

        account test to check :
        Login: testehopzone
        Password : 123456

        Thank you

        by google translator


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