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    OK. Because this was needed i found a little time to post some HopZone.Net rules.

    All rule sets are inclusive of each other.
    Meaning any and all of the rules from one section apply to another.

    Forum rules:
    1) No bad words
    2) No flooding (forum also has flood protection, but this rule is here because it needs to be here)
    3) No spam (any spamer found here will be deleted and all the info related to him ... server listing/posts/comments)
    4) NO POSTING, NO DISSCUTIONS, ABOUT WAREZ or L E AKED S E RVERS (i don't want to see something of those on HopZone.Net domain)
    This includes No file downloads.
    5) Be sure you post your thread in the right forum
    6) All posts must be in English.
    7) We do not need to know your personal problems with a server. Take it up with them.

    Deceptively similar names and Impersonation:
    Impersonating another individual on the Internet is against the law.
    It constitutes and falls under Identity Theft and/or Fraud.
    Under no circumstance will we allow any server name or username to be deceptively similar to Hopzone or its staff.
    Server names that are similiar to each other is up to the respective server owners to dispute among themselves.

    That's kinda all . In time i'll think those rules will grow up, i'm not nostradamus . i can't think of all

    Your use of this forum or any other address owned or operated by Hopzone affirms your acceptance of the above rules.
    These rules may change at any time without warning.

    Thank You
    Game play is supposed to be by the players on your server, not by the admins who list the server.

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