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Adding a Server Rules


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  • Kaspersky445599
    started a topic Adding a Server Rules

    Adding a Server Rules

    OK. Because this was needed i found a little time to post some HopZone.Net rules.

    Got a problem?
    Who to contact:


    "Adding a server" rules :
    [(also includes having a server on the list
    All rule sets are inclusive of each other.
    Meaning any and all of the rules from one section apply to another. And include the Terms and Conditions.

    If you can't edit something, we can.

    Note: Any of the IP's in these ranges can not be used for your listing. These are nonroutable LAN addresses. - - -

    Due to the way that Hamachi works we are unable to list these servers.
    Your server will always appear offline to us and we can not list it.

    If you are not the server admin. DO NOT add the server.

    How to add a server to the list


    2) No testing servers allowed.
    (If your not serious about running a server, don't bother making a listing)
    (Servers need to be online for more than a third of the day)

    3) Names:
    Server names that are similiar to each other is up to the respective server owners to dispute among themselves.

    4) Servers must be FREE Public servers. See NOTE below.
    (You can have any registration method, but the public must be allowed to play for free)

    5) No illegal or crap info allowed in the listing form.

    6) No links to files are allowed

    7) The server will be deleted if it falls below 30% over 5 days.
    (And no, votes will NOT be restored)
    (Servers need to be online for more than a third of the day)

    8) You must have a working website or a forum (Homepage) for users to contact you.
    (Hopzone is NOT to be used for your player support, game play support - players must be able to contact you for that support)
    (Invalid links will cause server deletion at approval)

    9) Vote banner

    a). Hopzone banner must be publicly displayed on your homepage.

    REMOVAL of the hopzone link or other required info constitutes our removal of your site from the list.

    10) You are required to keep the submitted Server listing information up to date.
    (This includes removal of your server if you close)

    11) Connection info, Vote link must be on your webpage, not in the server description, info, news or comment area.

    Your use of this forum or any other address owned or operated by Hopzone affirms your acceptance of the above rules.
    These rules may change at any time without warning.

    Thank You and Happy Gaming

    May 12 2016

  • Kaspersky445599
    Updated the rules

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