We've made few upgrades that we want to talk about. Also we want to propose few feature implementations with you.
1) HopZone's uptime checker is doing checking from 2 different servers
2) If a server is found offline (by our checker) the script will automatically send email to you.
3) We've implemented the check online/offline button directly inside "myHome" section so you can check your server directly.

We've been struggling to implement a feature since HZ has opened and that's knowing the number of players on your L2 server. Because this needs few programming things on both parties (HZ and you) we haven't found a way to do this on a normal basis. So, if you want to have this on your HopZone's page contact me on [email protected] (this wil increase player's interest in your server with ~25%)

2) Vote reward api!. We're sick in getting our page parsed by various scripts that read the vote count and so on and we think the best sollution would be to give you access to the last X number of votes. What's the format you would like the votes to be served ? (send your thoughts to [email protected])