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MMOvie being made using WoW Characters


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  • MMOvie being made using WoW Characters

    The Detroit News is running a great story today about a Machinima film being made using characters from World of Warcraft.
    Of interesting note in the article is the fact that the movie's makers have spent 10,000 gold in bribes to keep other players off of their set. On top of this, they are also paying "extras" $200 per day in real-world dollars for their time.
    For the past few months, New York-based programmer A.J. Loiacono and his buddies have been logging onto the popular online sword-and-sorcery game "World of Warcraft" a little more often than usual.

    But they're not visiting the mythical realm of Azeroth to goof around and fight the game's virtual dragons like the rest of the game's 9 million subscribers. They've got work to do, you see. They're making a movie.

    Using a high-end Mac to record the action, Loiacono's buddies log on from their computers and control their game-character avatars to act out scenes from the team's original script, a sci-fi comedy thing about a guy who travels through time to save his people. The film, still in production, is set for an online-only release next spring.

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