OPEN 28/01/2017
Server info:

Season 6 Epi 3

Exp: x9999 | Master Exp: x9999 | DropZen: x10% | Drop Items exc: 100%
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 150
Max Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/5/7
Character creation level: SUM - 1, MG - 160, DL - 250, RF - 1
Zen Bug: No
Spots: 10/12 mobs
Webshop: F.O +0 items only ( do manual upgrade )
Shops: (see upload photos)
Quest items: available in devias bar and elbeland
Kundun/Selupan Mobs: drops seed spear lvl 4
GM Event: seed spear lvl 5
Be online and join GM events ( PK event is very good )
Discount every sunday on WebShop


/addstats (/addstr,/addagi,/addvit,/addene,/addcmd)
/reset (lvl 400)

Chaos Machine Rates

Mix +10: 50%
Mix +11: 45%
Mix +12: 45%
Mix +13: 45%
Mix +14: 40%
Mix +15: 40%
Wing lvl 1: 100%
Wing lvl 2: 100%
Wing lvl 3: 100%

The Items With +luck up 10% success rate


Golden Invasion: ON
Red Dragon Invasion: ON
White Wizzard: ON
Blood Castle: ON
Devil Square: ON
Chaos Castle: ON
Illusion Temple: ON
Kalima Event :ON
Kanturu Event: ON
Raklion Hatchery: ON
Double Goer: ON
Imperial Guardian: ON
CastleSiege: ON
LorenDeep: ON
Sky Event: ON
Blue Event: ON
Red Wizzard: ON
Halloween Pk Event: ON
Additional Info

Use game panel in website and get stronger!
Exchange system= zen to credits, credits to gold credits, online hours to credits
Master Grand Reset for VIP Users!
Buy VIP = credits